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Collies In The Meadow-Collie, just another name for comfort hound....

You should really find a seat dad...... heheheh

Quick dad... grab the rocker... oh wait, here comes Branwen... too late...

Where you going to sit dad?  muwahahahaha

I can't get up on the couch but dad won't miss his blanket.. hahahaha

no room here either dad... sorry...

Um, I was here first dad...

HA! He thought he had the couch to himself!!!

Come on Dad, move over so I can have a spot... er... there is no place to move? Well stand up and give me your spot... I am a lady after all!

Annie 1
I'm only 2 and a half says old but I am already plotting on how to take over the couch! Muwahahah



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