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Collies In The Meadow-Collie Haiku

Through the years I have written many things, experienced and explored many things.  One of my loves is Haiku and below are some I wrote when out with my collies. Some are about the collies, some are jut about what we saw. 

Haiku and Senryu, which some of these are are some of the most beautiful and simple poems I know.... it may be simple but its brief descriptions can be a book of information as well as a truckload of images to your imagination.  As you read these, vision yourself or someone you know or me with our collies, dogs or some other furry family member such as a horse....

Some I consider good, others not so. But, they are mine..... my experiences.  As with all things I write they are copyrighted, however, I like to share so if you like to post these on your site, your group or with friends all I ask is that you give credit and provide a link to here.... :)


Maple leaves tremble,
in the slight cool summer breeze;
bird sings overhead
-chuck 2005

The thick mysts rolling
as I walk the narrow path;
Pausing at Torii
-chuck 2005

softly falling snow
glistening in the moonlight
I sigh with delight
Chuck 2004

At my home altar
praying for us ;
dog in the moonlight
chuck 2005

By light of lantern
we walk under the gnarled trees
red leaves swirl in wind
-chuck 2005

leaves turning bright red
cool air with longer shadows;
the geese fly southward
-chuck 2005

Stars in the dark sky
shimmering and twinkling;
breath seen in night air
-Chuck 2005

her orange and black spots
reflect brightly in sunlight;
oh lady of the bugs
-chuck 2005

In the warm moonlight
rain glistening in pine trees
as thunder echoes
-chuck 2005

The valley below
fills with many colored leaves;
softly the cold wind blows
-chuck 2005

the dew drips softly
from the mountain pine above;
mysts roll.... rising sun
-chuck 2005

trembling leaves above
as the mysts swirl below me
dawn.... crowing rooster
-chuck 2005

dawn shadows move down
the valley of many trees
ah... apple blossoms!
-chuck 2005

Pine trees sway softly
crickets sing loudly
under bright starlight
-chuck 2005

wind whispers softly
dew shimmering in sunlight
beautiful morning
-chuck 2005

Sparrows in the snow
flitting all about, Hawk Dives
takes one out, Lunchtime!!!!
Chuck 2003

Fur flowing quickly
She is jumping all about
SADIE!!! Please shut up!!!
Chuck 2004

Haiku, smyku, just give me a treat!


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