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Collies In The Meadow-A Starlight Walk

Last night before the snow came today Trevor and I went out after it got dark but before the moon came up.  As we meandered along on the frozen field we came to the trail and began walking down it with Trevor crunching into the thin ice every once in a while. 

As we walked we relished the quiet and I stopped and looked up into the black mystical sky that was so black except for the bright shining stars.  The mystery of what is out there gripped my imagination.  Away from any lights the stars shone brightly and I was enraptured by the mystery of it all and the power of God.  What a beautiful creation!  So mystical, so powerful, so beautiful!!!

Trevor stood patiently looking up at me as I stared into the black sky.  Finally, he lay down waiting for me and I knew he was getting impatient so we began walking again.  It was so black we couldn't seen 10 feet in front of us but I knew where we were so we alked along enjoying the peaceful, cold night! 

We wound around the field and headed back and Trevor was enjoying himself deeply sniffing things and marking everything he could find because its all his ya know.

As we came back into the yard we sat down in a dry spot by a tree and as I softly talked to him and told him how good he was, how proud I am he is my friend and how much I love him.  He snuggled up against me and groaned as I rubbed his ears and softly panted (why do dogs pant when it is freezing outside?) and I said a prayer for both of us and Trevor stopped and looked up intently at me and I hugged him tightly as he grinned gleefully!

We came in from the cold and beauty to the warmth where I gave Trevor a treat and he laid down to take a nap, grinning from ear to ear with joy for he got in his walk!

A daylight walk with Trevor, Lad in the background and Hallie.


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