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A Commpassionate God??

Hi there brothers and sisters of Christ,   Interesting stuff happened a few days ago, well about a week ago.  I told you about my uncle being sick and dying, well his son, but not a real son of his, emailed me, my mom and my brother and started cussing us out and being an idiot cause we never call his mom and dad.  He was more mad at my mom for she went through losing my dad and he thinks she could comfort his mom.  My mom was very nice to him but to no avvail, the more she wrote back the more mad he got.  I on the other hand was doing the christian thing, saying I would pray for him.  Never should have said that.  He told me not to pray for him or his dad or mom.  We didn't have the same GOD for his GOD has compassion.  So I told him yeah thats right for my GOD does have compassion but doesn't show it alot.  I looked up the meaning of the word compassion and here it is: a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.   So I ignored his comment and told him to stop harrassing us for there was more that he did but too much to say on here.  I got thinking about God being compassionate to us though and have came up with this understanding.  This is just me talking so if you think different let me know, please.  But I don't think God shows compassion.  I mean He lets little children die, babies be aborted, people get killed all the time.  He let His own son, Jesus Christ, be crucified and didn't lift a finger, so I say no compassion.  He feels sorry for us like the meaning of the word, but thats about it.  He has the desire to help us but wants us to help ourselves.  He is a JUST God, if you take and take all your life, in the end He will make sure you give.  No need for him to help us all the time.  I am fed up with people wanting God to help them everyway and then when He does they act like they did it all themselves.  I wouldn't be compassionate either if I were Him, which I am not, nor would I want to be.  I still love Him, don't get me wrong and always will.  I respect, love and honor God and Jesus for without them, and the Holy Spririt, I would be lost.  Well next time we will break the word MERCY down and see if I think if God is a merciful God.  Til next time, God bless and remember only Jesus saves.  Read your Bibles too!!!


I agree with you on most of this Pat. He is an all powerful, all knowing, just, loving, Creator of all things. I believe we choose our paths that we take on earth before our spirits are sent...kinda like a learning mission for our souls. God already knows everything we are going to face... hardships and accomplishments. There is no need for our God to feel sorry for us or to have compassion. God loves us...we are all His children!

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