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What did Jesus go through before being crucified??

Hi to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, sorry I haven't taken the time to write but its been hectic with work and all the snow here in Muskegon, Michigan.  I was thinking about how Christ was crucified earlier today and how horrible it was.  I mean we all saw the movie Passion of the Christ and how horrible it was for Him to take our punishment like that.  He is the Son of God for Heavens sake, He didn't have to die for us.  He chose to cause He knew God knows best.  Yes I will repeat like I have in the older blogs that God has a plan for us, wether we like it our not.  Jesus knew this and was okay with it.  He didn't like it for a while, and when I say this I mean, if you have read the Bible, you know that He went into the garden to pray before Judas came to be the traitor.  He fought with Himself because He was human and thought there should be a easier way to end the sins of mankind, that wouldn't include His suffering.  In the end though, He knew it was Gods will, and He was okay with it.  Then came time to wake up His disciples for a third time.  Then Judas came and handed Jesus over with a kiss, a kiss of all things, such a great friend.  Then Jesus went in front of a few judges or rulers, one found Jesus to be innocent but gave the people the choice, that was Pilate who did that and he even made a sign for over Jesus head when He was being hung.  You might rememeber that sign, it read to something like, "Here is Jesus, The King of Jews".  All that punishment though, thats what is so hard for me to believe.  He was beaten, whipped, and just tortured and then had to drag His own cross and then had to hang on that cross.  He died and our sins were forgiven.  Do we deserve it, espically if we repeat the same sin every day?  Well I can't say either way, thats for God to figure out.  I know one thing, I love Jesus Christ, I would die for Him anytime.  Well enjoy and God bless, remember Jesus saves.


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