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Welcome to MTR Business

Hold and buy stocks Welcome to's newest site, MTR Business. MTR Business will discuss the stock market, buying and selling stocks, the economy, and real estate. We will look at the job market, career development ideas, managing people, and stories of great leaders who have had success. In addition, we will talk about personal finance, ways to save money, and how best to manage it.

About the author. My name is Bill Zeltman. I have been following the stock market since I was in junior high school and began trading at the age of 24. I am an avid reader of Investors Business Daily and highly advise anyone interested in managing money to subscribe to it. When buying and selling stocks, I am very strict about using IBD's CANSLIM method, something I will review in future posts. 

I have owned and operated several businesses in my career and have been a people manager since I was 23 years old. Currently I work for an ancillary healthcare company managing 15 employees in 6 states. I look forward to sharing insights about business development and people management and look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on these subjects. 

Check back often and subscribe to our RSS feed as I will be updating the site often.



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