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Tom Cable: Could he come back to haunt the Raiders?

If you've followed the team for years, you know this could happen. Coaches come and go, but when a coach leaves the Raiders, sometimes that coach might come back to haunt the Raiders in one way or another.

Take Shanahan. After a small cup of coffee with the Raiders, he went over to Denver after a few seasons. Leading the Broncos, he seemed to relish the opportunity to punish Al, for his "firing". At the same time, Shanahan had the uncomfortable job of trying to rebuild a franchise that was aging badly. With players like Todd Christiansen, Jim Plunkett, Lester Hayes, Michael Haynes and others getting older and trying to balance Al's power, his fate was sealed by a bad start.

Another case of coaching change came from Norv Turner, AKA Stomach Turner. Norv came to the team, after Bill Callahan left due to a roster all fell apart in the 2003 season. His span with the Raiders lasted two seasons, included him bringing in Collins as a QB and saw him run off two hall of famers, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. The results were not pretty, with the team failing the Raiders out of the doldrums. He was let go, again, Al brought in Art Shell. That alone was a different nightmare.

Sometimes the reactions are not as visible, like Art Shell going to the Chiefs or Callahan traveling to the Jets, but sometimes those feelings of the Raiders terminating your time can linger.

As it stands, there are no head coaching options open in the NFL. But, considering he helped lead the Raiders back to 8-8, more than a few teams could use him in some capacity. Stay tuned.


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