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The rub on Favre....

Ok, so now we're to believe that two masseurs from Brett Favre's one season with the NY Jets two years ago deserve reparations due to his behavior. Really? He was a rude jackwagon two friggin' years ago and now, NOW, these fine ladies have decided to come forward? While I have no doubt that he could be a prick with ears, does anyone, and I mean anyone other than their lawyers actually think they deserve compensation? And I'll bet that even the lawyers don't really believe it. Although they are the only ones who stand to make any real money. What makes me say that? Well last week I received a check from a class action lawsuit from one of the medications I take. The settlement was north of $66 million. My cut of it? $19.38. Now I'm not upset by that, I didn't even know there was a lawsuit. But to find out that the attorneys made off with millions, literally millions makes one wonder about motive. So here we have two gals that apparently Mr. Favre propositioned. In one case the husband of one of them confronted Favre and told him to back off. He did. Isn't that the end of the story? Not now. Not now that there are pictures of his junk on the net. If he had ruined their massage careers, don't you think they would have noticed it before now? And we're talking about professional athletes. Should they get away with anything they want? Hell no. But bitching about going into their environment and seeing them act like, well, themselves just kind of leaves one with a bad taste in one's mouth. Not "whore on nickel beer night" kind of bad taste, just a foul after taste that's simply not necessary. I'm wondering what the statute of limitations is on money grabbing? Just throw them a couple pairs of Wrangler jeans and let's be done with it.


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