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The Jets have a shot......ask the Saints

JetsThe New York Jets have a fighters chance to beat the New England Patriots this weekend.  The Jets are playing with house money in my opinion, and if they want to prevail...they need to set the tone offensively..right out the gate. Moreover, a gag order around the mouth of Antonio Cromartie might help too. For some reason he has chosen to get under Tom Brady's skin. Not sure if that's the right approach. But with the Jets..."conventional" is never an option.

Last weekend there was banter about the current playoff system.  Many players and Pundits with a soap box or a blog...felt the Seahawks, who finished with a 7-9 record, was not worthy of a playoff birth--- let alone a home game. Yet, they went out and defeated the defending SuperBowl Champions during the wild card round  ...thus ending the playoff format discussion--for now. And once again, that great line by the late former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle..."on any given Sunday  any team in our league can beat another" continues to ring true to underdogs like the Jets. 

 Keys to Victory for the Jets

1) Ah...Rex Ryan, if you win the toss..take the damn ball. Your team bares no resemblance to your Daddy's "85 Bears" team. Furthermore, your team should set the tone offensively...and strike first on the scoreboard. Psst...your strongest unit is your offense.

2) Establish a run and pass balance and control the clock...keep Brady and his gang of "Smurfs" off the field. Shonn Green and Ladailian Tomlinson must step up and move the chains. Vince Wolfork is a beast....but Jets must be able to move the ball between guard and tackles. What happened to "Pound and Ground?"

3) Mike Westhoff and his "Wall Bangers" need to be special. A block punt, Kick-off or Punt return will do....Hell, a situational fake FG or Punt..might work too. The Jets must win this battle decisively. The Punter and Placekicker must be on top of their game.

4) Tom Brady..he has to go down. Not once, but constantly throughout the game.(See Giants 2008 Superbowl highlights) If Brady is not disrupted in the's gonna be a very long night. Calvin Pace and Jason Taylor must get up the field. The Jets live and die by the blitz. Rex Ryan has to employ the Blitz strategically to get hits on Brady. Hey Antonio...make a play on a corner Blitz....maybe you can meet up with Tom Brady and have a conversation.

5) Dustin Keller must come up big. He's been a big time security blanket for Mark Sanchez, but he often disappears. He has the skills to cause match-up problems for the Patriots. Brian Schottenheimer must game plan accordingly.

6) Mark Sanchez, right shoulder withstanding, has to make smart decisions with the football. He's most effective between the numbers, but outside of the "hash marks" (no pun intended) he's a little reckless. The Patriots defense is decent, but it's always easy playing defense with a huge lead. The Jets need to keep the Patriots honest.

7) The Jets must contain the Patriots Slot receivers and Tight ends. The middle of the field is where the Jets are most vulnerable in the defensive secondary. Receptions are inevitable, but sure tackling and limiting YAC's will be key in limiting first downs. Kyle Wilson and the LB's must step up in pass coverage. David Harris and Bart Scott are poor coverage LB's...Rex Ryan must mix and match his DB's and LB's to matchup with the "Smurfs" in coverage.

8) Cromartie and Revis need to make plays on defense. I'm talking about interceptions. Tom Brady will toss the rock about 40 times...these prime-time CB's must be aggressive in coverage and win the turnover battle.  

The Jets have a shot, but only if they play aggressively. They're playing with House Money...thus they can play loose and pressure free. Go ask the Seahawks.



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