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Stay classy NY....

So if you recall, in my last post I mentioned how so many players who played for Da Bears coach, Mike Ditka, were becoming head coaches in the NFL. The response, in a word, was embarrassing. For NY Giant fans. I got texts, phone calls, e-mails, all going on and on and on about how their coach, Bill Parcells, had the greatest coaching tree ever and how many rings do the Bears coaches have and yada, yada, yada..... Seriously people, some of you NY fans come across as an aging beauty who's so self conscious that she's the best looking gal in the room that you'll attack anyone else who turns a head. Even the whore on nickel beer night knows that you can't always compete with the next wave of super freaks! And yet, once again those of us who reside in the real world have to remind you that if it wasn't for Belechick you'd have dick. And if I'm not mistaken your root of the tree, Coach Parcells, headed up other teams as well. But as is the norm, you give people who have a negative east coast bias, every reason in the world to continue hating on you. Here's a novel idea, when someone else is doing well, why don't you try the "ounce of class" theory and simply say; "Well done". But no, I'm waiting with baited breath for the response from these uber minds to show us how it's not done.


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