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Some fodder for ESPN....

So I hear that today ESPN will hold a "town hall meeting" to discuss race in America and how it pertains to today's black athlete. Race is and will always be a hot topic, especially with events like this that in reality won't solve anything but will try to stimulate the "white guilt" that we should all feel. I guess my ultimate view on the topic is that while there will always remain racists in the world, we have come so incredibly far it's not even funny. Just take Lawrence Taylor for example. He's being treated just like any other very wealthy white man would. Plead out and get a slap on the wrist for a crime that's hideous. At least Michael Vick did some jail time. But along comes LT and his ability to get away with rape, literally. So in this fine world in which we live can we please address the real issue; rich people walk, poor people don't, regardless of race. I won't even use a line about the whore on nickel beer night because apparently she took the cash.


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