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Should These Giants Stay or Should They Go?


Now that everyone has had some time to cool off from the Giants latest late-season collapse, I think it’s about time to start looking ahead.  With the Eagles being eliminated from the playoffs, the dark cloud looming over the Giants’ offseason has now become the amount of key players who are free agents.  With all of the uncertainty regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement we don’t know yet when free agency will open or exactly how the process will work.  Regardless, let’s take a look at which vital contributors the NYG should bring back no matter the circumstances.

Ahmad Bradshaw: STAY

No I’m not just saying this because Bradshaw is my favorite player on the team and if he leaves I would need to buy a new jersey to wear on Sundays.  Over the past few seasons Bradshaw has proven to be one of the most dynamic running backs in the league and his combination of speed and toughness can be matched by only a few others.  There are those who speculate that the Giants could let him go because he’s earned a big pay day and his fumbling problems may not make him worth the price tag.  I guess I can understand if they don’t want to pay workhorse money to a committee back, but not keeping one of your best players because if a problem that can be fixed with proper coaching is just lazy.  I hate to insult Bradshaw by comparing him to Tiki Barber, but if Tiki can fix a fumbling problem, anyone can.  Even if you’re going to roll with Brandon Jacobs as your starter he needs a complimentary back, and there are none better than Bradshaw.

Mathias Kiwanuka: GO

I like Kiwi and don’t necessarily want to see him go, but he is one of the most expendable free agents on the team.  There is not another team in the league with as many feared pass rushers as the NYG and GM Jerry Reese seems to keep drafting a new one every year.  Even if Kiwi does return, he probably won’t be higher than fourth on the depth chart.  He seemed poised to break out last season after posting four sacks in the first three games, but a herniated disc ended his campaign prematurely.  Reese has been quoted as saying the team may offer him a one year deal to rebuild his value and prove he can stay healthy, but it remains to be seen if that will be enough for Kiwanuka.  There will most likely be teams out there willing to give him a more lucrative contract and it doesn’t seem like the Giants will be willing to match a larger offer at this time.

Kevin Boss: STAY

The Bossman should be resigned fairly easily by the NYG.  The former fifth round pick shouldn’t command an outrageous salary and is a key contributor to the Giants offensive plans.  Despite struggling with drops a bit this season, Boss has really come on a complete tight end in both the passing and running games.  There may be a decent market for his services, but even with an early draft pick in Travis Beckum behind him, Boss should not be allowed to walk by Giants management.  If anything they need to reward him for all of those terrifying hits that he takes.

Steve Smith: STAY

The last thing the Giants need right now is to let go of any wide receiver, much less their best possession receiver and third down target.  Smith’s inability to stay healthy this season has arguably the biggest impact on the team down the stretch.  After his injury the team relied on big plays to Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks (when he was healthy) for points in the passing game.  Gone were the long methodical drives where Stevie could be relied on to keep moving the chains and keep defenses on the field.  Derek Hagan filled in as best as he could as the possession receiver, but this team unquestionably needs Steve Smith back next season and every season after that.  Smith is damaged goods right now and he could come back on an incentive laden deal, but when he gets over his nagging injuries there is not a guy in the league that I would want on my team for a big third down conversion more than Steve Smith.

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