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Post-Championship interviews: Chizik, Newton AND Thayer Evans???

I'm sure that many, much like myself, couldn't help but watch the encore of the BCS National Championship in the wee hours of the morning. I too, pinched myself when I woke up today, after lying awake in my hotel room in Arizona until 5 a.m. thinking about what had transpired. Nothing could take away from the moment I had witnessed, seeing Chizik hoist the crystal ball, watching fans weep tears of joy, and turning to my right to look at the ESPN booth set up behind me and seeing Nick Saban's emotionless face go from angry before the Wes Byrum kick, to really pissed as it sailed through the uprights.

Then, I get a text from a friend, and Auburn fan's favorite journalist, THE Thayer Evans was at it again. Just a few short hours after the National Championship had ended, he's busy asking how long Auburn will get to keep the BCS title. Now forget about the fact that the first thing I read when I touched down in Phoenix on Friday was another terrific hit job on the Auburn program, this time questioning Auburn's success in recruiting TWO players out of Thibodeaux, Louisiana. (I guess when two teammates (Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson) follow each other to play college ball, it's a cause for NCAA concern, per Thayer Evans). You can be the judge of that by finding that story yourself, because I won't dare link it for you to give him the pleasure of seeing his page view count go up. Here's the man, the myth, the pride of the FoxSports staff.

ThayerBioPicSo finally, I land in Birmingham, and decide to rewatch the final 5 minutes of the craziest fourth quarter you'll ever see. Dyer rolls over the defender and keeps going, Dyer takes it down to the one yard line, Musburger's "For all the Tostitos" call, and so on. The field goal is right down the middle, and Auburn wins. You know that. What you made not have seen appeared when ESPN went down to the field to interview Coach Gene Chizik, moments after the win, with Tom Rinaldi.

After all that Thayer's done, you still have to understand he holds a job with FoxSports and he has every right to be credentialed at the BCS Championship...I guess. But as a I watch Chizik address the Auburn fan base on national television, I see something that completely blew me away. Hmmm...there's someone in the background right there to the left that looks oddly familiar. Surely not, it couldn't be who I think it is, right?

Is it this guy? The one who has been slandering the Auburn name in every way from top to bottom since the the Cam Newton allegations broke? Is that him on the field 2.5 yards away from Chizik? No way. That guy?

IPhoto Library

You be the judge. If it is indeed him, you can see him behind Chizik on the left. THE Thayer Evans. Thou Thayer Evans who follows no one on thy Twitter account @ThayerEvansFOX.

The one who has another Twitter account named after him - @FireThayerEvans. The same one who gets blasted by Auburn fans and others alike on nearly every article he writes, and who refuses to answer logical questions people post in his supposed "live chats."

He's the one who still thinks Kellen Moore should have won the Heisman and who probably believes that the Boise State vs. Nevada game was staged. Boise is still the best team in the country, right? Thayer 2

Yeah, he's the one who wrote an article blasting Newton and stating that Heisman voters should do the right thing and not vote for him, and also went as far as saying that the AP voters should give TCU a share of the national title regardless of last night's results after the Rose Bowl. He's a winner, I tell you.

I can read his mind. TCU and Boise got hosed, right Thayer? Nevada should have gotten to play Stanford instead of AU and Oregon, who were without a doubt the two best teams in the country, huh? I bet their fans will at least agree with you. And did you really tweet that "Boredom was the theme of the second half," "TCU is my No. 1 right now" and that Oregon wasn't being "creative enough" during the title game? I guess last night really was too hard for you to handle.

I hate to think what would happen if you were around a few particular Auburn fans that may not necessarily take kindly to the things you've said about their team and university. Is that police officer for Chizik, or to protect you from unruly fans being the controversial journalist that you are? 

Cam 1 Then, Rinaldi steps next to the Heisman winner. Who is that man peeking from around the corner?

Surely Newton hadn't met him before...because if he had known he was so close....he could have grabbed him by his beautifully spiked hair that looks like it's straight out of 1999 hair gel commercial and tossed him through the uprights where Byrum deposited the game winner.

Most likely Newton would've smiled, and simply said, "Keep trying." Newton hurdles obstacles with relative ease. Like those that matter, such as helping lead his team to their first national title in more than 50 years while playing through extreme pain. 

 Thayer peeks...and he keeps coming around Newton's right shoulder pad. And there he is, in all his hating glory, right next to the one he has openly burned at the stake for no reason in front of a worldwide audience in his piece(s) of so-called "journalism." The funny thing is, it's almost as if if he was looking at the camera several times, trying to get on ESPN. Nice, Thayer. The camera loves you, baby.

And aren't you a reporter? Maybe you had your voice recorder down by your side, but from the looks of it, you didn't have one at all. Were you memorizing quotes from the two so you could re-word them the way you wanted at a later date? You are the king of chopping up quotes or taking one or two words and turning it into something worse than it sounds, aren't you? Cam 2  

Maybe you aren't a bad guy...maybe you haven't done all this...maybe I just imagined it all. But I'm fairly certain it's the truth; that you've had it out for Newton and AU from the get go. I don't wish one ill thing upon you. I realize that it can be difficult to write a controversial piece knowing you're going to receive hate mail just because your editor says you have to take the story. But as it appears to the onlooker, you're doing more than that. You're pouring it on from every angle possible. And it's flat out embarrassing. You've allegedly contacted Auburn faculty, Florida faculty, family members and anyone else you can to get someone to say something bad about Auburn, or at least something you can spin into sounding negative towards the team that is now on top, despite your deepest wishes. 

At what point do you give up? Will you dig until you can't dig anymore? Is it possible Auburn committed a violation? Yeah, it is. But there are no facts to support that, despite your valiant attempts to validate your "Thayer-isms." If this isn't you on the TV...which I'm fairly certain it is, you have a long lost twin, and my message is still the same either way.

Whether your editor set you out on this vendetta against Auburn, that's one thing, but there comes a point when it's time to stop. And you won't. We know you won't. Some have stooped as far as delving into your personal life to uncover your dirty laundry...and it's not pretty. I won't drop down to your level on that matter, but we know you'll keep hunting. Newton is a pure example of making the most of a second chance. He's had no problem admitting to his past faults. As the overused saying/song "Judge Not" goes, "Who are you to judge me, and the life I live? I know that I'm not perfect, and that I don't claim to be, so, before you point your finger make sure your hands are clean." Can you honestly sit here and say that yours are? I hope you keep swinging and missing...and when you do, I guess your face will continue to look just like the one below. Lighten up man, you're on TV. War Eagle, Thayer Evans. War Damn Eagle.

Thayer glare

Love the article? Hate the article? I won't care either way, but let me know what you think. Email me at or follow me on Twitter at



--- All pictures were taken from a still screen shot of the original broadcast on ESPN, aside from the first photo, which is Evan's biography photo ----


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Looks like he is stalking Cam

It's eerie how much hatred he projects in those pictures.

What a weirdo stalker!!! Fox REALLY needs to think about the image he left on national TV. He has no class and is appearently mentally unstable. He was creepy and scary...not the image you want for your network!


fox needs to get rid of this weird, ill never read anything on fox sports ever again. they have stalkers employed there. what a f-in loser.

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