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Oakland Raiders and Asomugha: Can Al lure him back?

Listening to Asomugha on ESPN last night had to both reassure the Raiders, and infuriate the other teams in the NFL.

Now it time was just on the Raiders' side.

Oakland, along with the other clubs will be looking to the March deadline, on when the CBA ends, and the owners can effectively lock out players who want to play, and players can start looking at losing money playing professional football for the National Football League.

However, back to the topic at hand. Al Davis stunned the world in 2009, when he put together a contract that simply was all his own. Signing Aso to a deal that defied logic, it put his salary, linked it to a quarterbacks' and then left open a way out...Granted, who would have thought Asomugha wouldn't meet those lofty numbers?

When QBs don't throw to him, it's hard to have interceptions. It's also interesting that he didn't give up a touchdown this year, while the body of defense gave up 29 TDs....makes one wonder how the team would function without him. But he did say there is a "great chance" that he returns.

Al holds that option, to sign the check. At the same time, Al also has to look at about 25 free agents, in Oakland to worry about, along with the irritation from specific players mad that Tom Cable wasn't retained.

At least Asomugha didn't make mention of that problem. But bank on it, that as soon as the free agency doors open, Aso is going to get a call from Al himself, to bring one of Oakland's bright spots back to the Silver and Black.


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