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Now I'm not rocket scientist, but....

My first question of the day is simple; how did Marvin Lewis get a contract extension from the Cincinnati Bengals while the Oakland Raiders fired their coach Tom Cable? Seems only one of them had his team going in the right direction, and it wasn't the guy who got the deal. Chalk it up to Geritol Al being Geritol Al. My real quandary though lies in Jeff Fishers description of his talks with Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams as "complicated". What? Are they also working on a clean energy solution in addition to deciding if Coach Fisher has done a good enough job to warrant letting Vince Young go instead of him? Personally I've always liked Mr. Fisher. Although I was surprised to learn that of his 16 seasons as their head coach he's only had 6 winning seasons. Seems like he should hush up and hope to get the nod. But back to the whole "complicated" concept. Can we please stop acting like these guys have a job that's too far beyond us mortals to understand? It actually seems like a pretty easy thing; does Owner Adams want Fisher or Young? That's all.I'll tell you what I don't understand, and that's Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll sending out a tweet that it "feels good to be a champion". Now I'm totally against re-seeding the playoffs. Seattle won their division, thus they get a home playoff game. But for Coach Carroll to gloat just seems a bit, shall we say.... obnoxious? (and by obnoxious I mean a lot of words that aren't fit for print in this here blog) If I were him I would draw as little attention to the team as possible and just hope they don't start the re-seeding process, because it looks like 7-9 could be the NFC West division winner for some years to come. But the playoffs are upon us, so at least for the next couple of weeks we have something to live for. And just you watch those Bears go. Me thinks they might surprise some this year. More so than they already have.


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