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It’s Official: Jason Garrett Will Be The Cowboys Head Coach In 2011

That’s the best news I’ve heard all year. Granted, the year is only a day and a half old, but still…

I was reading a fellow Fan Voice’s article a few days ago. Kris Burke is the Denver Broncos writer on this site, and he was talking about how Tim Tebow finally taking snaps under center has given Denver’s fan base something that they’ve needed so much. Kris put it best, “Hope. Unyielding hope.”

I highly recommend the piece, which is located at the following:

That “unyielding hope” has illuminated from the altitudes of Colorado and has descended upon the Texas Panhandle, the Rio Grande, east to the Sabine River, down on the Prairie Plains to the core of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Why is that?\

Because Jason Garrett will be the new coach for the Dallas Cowboys. According to Michael Lombardi of NFL Network, the Cowboys have removed the interim label. Dallas complied with the Rooney rule by interviewing receivers coach Ray Sherman, an African-American and one of the assistants that has been very good with Dallas.

Jason Garrett is 4-3 as a head coach without Tony Romo at quarterback, and what is even more astonishing is that he could be 7-0. The losses Dallas suffered to New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Arizona were all by three or less points. One more touchdown in each game would give them the win.

Garrett has been the offensive coordinator for Dallas since 2007 and was groomed as a head coach in wait should Wade Phillips not meet the set goals, and now that Phillips is gone, Garrett has taken over and the team has been very competitive to say the least. Instead of giving up, they fight for wins, and winning is what Jerry Jones values most.

Dallas will now need to address other coaching changes because I guarantee there are going to be some guys gone next season.

Jerry Jones hasn’t made it official yet, but I trust Michael Lombardi, and I think Jerry wants to keep Jason after he has done so much to make this season bearable.

James Williamson’s opinion: I love it. To all my regular readers, you know that I’ve wanted this guy as soon as I saw the change in the team. I get the “it” feeling from him. He’s determined, has won previous Super Bowls with us as a backup quarterback to Troy Aikman, so he’s been able to see Jimmy Johnson at his best, and he makes me feel more comfortable with running the team. Originally, I wanted Jon Gruden because I did not think that Jason Garrett would be able to turn the Cowboys around just like that, but he did, and once I saw that, I became convinced that we need to keep him. He knows the players, they know him, and I feel he’ll keep them focused next year.


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