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Ditka's tree....

In the NFL coaches are judged as much by who was on their staff as how much they won. When you go through all the great coaches, they all have their "tree" of assistants who went on to become great coaches, thus cementing that they must have been doing something right. Well one of the most under-rated coaches in NFL history is former coach of Da Bears, Iron Mike Ditka. Sure Buddy Ryan was on his staff, but I don't really think he was influenced by Coach Ditka. He was already with the team when Coach Ditka got there if you remember. But what struck me this morning, as I read how former Bear Ron Rivera was the lead candidate to become the Carolina Panthers new head coach, was how many former Ditka players have gone on to become head coaches. Yes, Mike Singletary just lost his job as one, but assuming Mr. Rivera gets the gig you'll have 3 in the NFL right now. That's Rivera, Jeff Fisher, and Leslie Frazier. I don't know if there's ever been a team that's had so many players go on to be head coaches. What does that tell us? That Coach Ditka's approach to the game is in fact, the correct one. The one that teams today are still trying to get, and there is only one "tree" to ever bear this kind of fruit, "The Ditka Tree". Now I'm not going to go off on some parable that's markedly similar to the old "Giving Tree" story, but when are we, as a nation, going to stop and take a moment to thank Coach Ditka for not only his visible accomplishments, but also the way he's affected our lives with just his sheer presence? I for one am going to do it right now, so give me a moment........ There, that felt good. Now it's your turn. If you are indeed a fan of the game it's time you gave a little back to the man who still influences this game we love more than any other person ever has. And as a point of reference, no Kleenex were harmed in the writing of this blog.


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Ron you ignorant slut, blinded as usual by your love for Da Bears. The "Ditka" tree cant compare to the Parcells tree. Lets see; Bellichek, Coughlin, Romeo Crennell, Sean Peyton, not to mention numerous assistants including Charlie Weiss who have done well. The Parcells tree has five Super Bowls which, I believe, is exactly five more then the Ditka tree. Sorry, facts are facts....

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