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Collies In The Meadow-Rutherford Chooses

As with most collie puppies they love everyone as they grow up their first year but the time comes when they decide who their favorite human will be.  As they start deciding they will start looking at each person and coming up to them and interact by looking deeply in their eyes, jumping up to get close to them on the couch or chair and follow them around.  Each collie picks their favorite human around here and today Rutherford chose his!

Rutherford has been looking everyone over the past few days but today I turned and saw him staring intently at me. Still choosing I thought.  But, 10 minutes later I turned around and he was still staring at me intently.  I looked back at him and he wiggled inside his body and his ear flopped up and down.  I asked him what do you want Rughterford and he got up and slowly walked to me staring intently.

He stopped next to me and staring up at my eyes he looked like he was looking inside my soul as he stared and then jumped up to put his paws on my lap and slowly put his face in front of mine all the while staring into my eyes.  I waited.... what would he do?  Would he choose me or was he still deciding?

After a couple of minutes he licked my face and snuggled up to me and smiled that collie smile and it was obvious he had chosen his new human. Me!  :)   He hugged me, licked me and barked and licked me some more. 

So, now I have five collies who have adopted me above the others in the family.  Trevor, Hallie, Mick, Skylight and Rutherford are one who have adopted me. :)  I have been hoping Rutherford would make me his for I have lots of plans for my lil Rutherford B. Hayes and the closer we are the better!  He is our future stud and I have a lot of work to do with him so this is perfect.  He loves everyone but now he has his human and that gives him a person he will listen to no matter what now and that makes my job a lot easier for he is now my sidekick. :)  I look forward to our days ahead....

Rutherford chose his human today.....  me!! :)


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