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Collies In The Meadow- 14 years ago today......

In Wisconsin at A & H Sunday Collies a little puppy was born that would change my life!  Her mommy was A&H Sunday I'm No Angel and her father was 1996 Champion ROM  Twin Acres Concert Master.  This little girl had a pedigree of champions that included Ch. Executive the Equalizer, Ch. Twin Oaks Jokers Wild, through the Ransom lines back into Sunnybank!

This little collie was bought by a woman who wanted her to be a champion.  Unfortunately the little girl who had a huge heart, was very smart and very beautiful and had a ton of love to give didn't have perfect ears and she carried her tail slightly off to one side.  Because of this she could never be the champion this woman wanted so she couldn't wait to get rid of her and that is where I found her.

This beautiful lil girl came to live with me and changed my life forever.  Here she became Niamh and was given the name of Niamh of the Misty Meadow and her life here was full of joy, happiness, love and her and I had many adventures together.  Her coming into my life blessed me, her life with me was a blessing and her death in the end became a blessing also. 

TO this day we honor her memory with our collie family who is named Niamh's Misty Meadow Collies.  She was born 14 years ago on this day.... and I am sure no one at the site of her birth could ever realize that any collie could have such a impact upon anyone's life as her's did to mine!

The parents are both gone now.... Muriel Bast of A&H Collies who was so kind to me when I talked to her is also gone now and so is her wonderful collie kennel.  It is all history and memories but to me, this history still affects my life daily!   May God bless Muriel Bast, Niamh's parents, those of Twin Acres Collies and most of all, my beautiful girl... my Niamh of the Misty Meadow.

Niamh and I full size
 Happy Birthday Niamh!!!!  You would've been 14 on this earth today.


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