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A couple of things that done went and bothered me....

First off, it's now the annual rite of winter for the "Should Pete Rose be allowed in the Hall of Fame" discussion. And, as is the norm, my answer is no. Hell no. And please, please, please let me get what I want, to quote another big baseball fan Morrisey, let's stop it with the "Yeah, but what about the steroid guys?" It's a different subject. Of course I don't think they should get in either, but what do steroids and betting on the game have in common? Fact is that Mr. Rose broke the one singularly most important rule of the game. It's post in every locker room in the league. It's talked about to the point where a normal man would say, "Hey, we get it. Now can you stop running it into the ground?" Yet Charlie Hustler did it anyways. Do I have to remind you that then he lied about it for 15 years until he wanted some cash so he wrote a book admitting it. And in another 10 years expect another book where he admits even more. Seems to me that we, as a society, want to give up on any sort of rule structure that applies to everyone, as long as those in question can steal a base. Well not on "One Man's Opinion's" watch.

The second thing today that has me vexed is a point brought up perfectly by Mark Schlereth on Mike & Mike this morning. Why is it ok for a team to go a wooing a potential new coach while they still have one employed? Didn't they fine Albert Haynesworth for saying he didn't want to play in the 3-4 defense and then for sticking to that position? If the Miami Dolphins are saying that they don't want Coach Tony Sporano back, fine. Fire the guy. But to keep him on just in case they don't get their new guy just seems kind of sleazy. And we all know how that feels. Tell me you never dated a girl and knew something was wrong. You'd ask her, "Hey, is anything wrong?" and all you got was a "Uhhhh..." Then she breaks up with you and you find out that she's been going down on half of the local police force and been on porn sites more than the whore on nickel beer nite. God I hate her!!! Just be honest you stupid friggin' slut! I can take the truth, but to find out that spend more time on your knee's than the Pope is wrong..... Ok, yeah, I was talking about someone else, obviously. But the point is the same. Roger Goodell in this instance is your best friend who knew about it and didn't say anything. Unless he was getting some too. Hey Goodell, did you f%#* my ex? You slimy son-of-a-bitch? Well fine, take her! But also please step up and fine the Miami Dolphins for treating Tony Sporano like a dope. Take some vengeance for all of us who have been wronged!!!


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