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Yes Virginia, there is racism in America....

So which side do you weigh in on in the Michael Vick saga? Apparently our President feels this is an important enough topic that he needs to let it be known; he's down with Vick. And so a certain Tucker Carlson has now said that he is not. In fact he believes that Mr. Vick should have been executed for his role in the slaughtering of man's best friend. And for that he is about to be called a racist. Just you wait. Say anything even remotely bad about Mr. Vick and just wait for the politically correct pundits to line up at your firing squad. But what's really sad is that we can't admit what's so obvious; more blacks support Mr. Vick while more white's oppose him. Did you know that 90% of blacks still think OJ Simpson was framed? And here I thought race was going to be covered by the ESPN blog titled; "Blackmon comes up big in Okla. St. win." Yeah I thought it was a little heavy on the rastafarian name bit, but hey that's ok. Then I found out the guys name actually is Blackmon. Justin Blackmon. Oopps. No civil rights violation here. Well someone needs to settle the Mike Vick quandary, so it might as well be me. President Obama, really? You're spending time on this? Sure you gotta try to keep your street cred, but hows about you do it by running the country? Mr. Carlson, executed? What? Look I love the pups as much as anyone, but Mr. Vick did hardcore prison time. Not at a country club, but at a real place where you don't drop the soap. Yes, I realize that if Mr. Vick had come back and not played great football he would not have been forgiven, but hey, America likes its successful athlete's. The bottom line is, no pun intended for the anal raping that Mr. Vick may or may not have encountered, that both sides are wrong. He did his time, so of course he should be allowed to work again. But in the same breath can we please stop acting like he's some kind of role model? He is now nothing more than he was before; a pampered brat who thinks his ca-ca doesn't stink. Imagine if he had sexually assaulted someone instead? Oh wait, we've forgiven one of those this year also.


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