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Why Michael Vick will Re-Sign With The Philadelphia Eagles

There has been an overwhelming amount of speculation this year about whether or not the Philadelphia Eagles will be able to re-sign Michael Vick. If it wasn't for the fact that the NFL is currently without a salary cap and a collective bargaining unit, the deal would probably be done by now. So, for that matter, would DeSean Jackson's contract extension. I know that people continue to clamor for the Philadelphia Eagles to re-sign Vick, but the Eagles have shown respect for both Jackson and Vick by waiting, particularly in Jackson's case. Under the current terms, an NFL player can only receive a 30% raise. Jacson is worth more than that. In Vick's case, the Eagles might be able to use the franchise tag. At the moment though, no one is certain how the franchise tag would work.

Unlike Jackson, Vick has been a good soldier about the contract issue. He's said repeatedly that the Eagles and his agent will take care of the matter when the time is appropriate. Vick has even hinted at offering the Eagles a hometown discount, since they were the team that brought him back to the NFL when no one else wanted him. And that has only added to the demands of the fans to make a new deal for Michael Vick happen.

Some fans have become slightly concerned about the issue, feeling like the Eagles should have done a deal by now and that Vick may walk at season's end. I am here to tell you that Michael Vick won't be going anywhere. So relax. It's ok. Here's a short list of reasons why I believe that Michael Vick WILL be back with the Eagles next year.

1.) The Philadelphia Eagles gave Michael Vick an opportunity when it seemed no one else wanted him. This is something that Vick himself has said. And whether the Eagles signed Vick because they thought they could eventually flip him for a draft pick, or if they did so because they thought that he might wind up being a contender for the NFL MVP award (highly unlikely) doesn't much matter. The Eagles snatched Vick up, took a PR hit in the process and their coaching staff has resurrected the man. Vick is very appreciative for this and will not walk away from the team.

2.) Would YOU walk away from DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy? If you're a quarterback if the NFL, you have to know that it isn't just on the Quarterback to get a team to the Super Bowl single-handedly. You must have someone to throw the ball to,  or hand it off to. And for all the griping that fans did that Donovan  McNabb never had weapons to throw to, this organization has done an incredible job of surrounding Michael Vick with weapons. Some of the best weapons in the NFL. And their roster on the offensive side of the ball is a laundry list of top offensive players in the League, who are all young and probably haven't even reached their prime production years yet. Vick would be foolish to walk away from that, and don't think he doesn't know it.

3.) The Eagles Coaching Staff have made Michael Vick an all-around and complete Quarterback. Michael Vick has often been hailed as an incredible athlete. This year he has been hailed as an incredible Quarterback. That's quite an accomplishment, and we owe that to the same Eagles coaches that we often vilify for bad  clock management and poor play calling.   And they do some bone-headed things, no doubt, but the transformation that Michael Vick has undergone in becoming more of a pocket passer is owed to the Eagles' Coaches. Michael Vick will not likely walk away from the best group of coaches he's ever played for.

4.) Michael Vick is different. Michael Vick has undergone more than a transformation on the field in his 2 years in Philadelphia. He's also demonstrated that he's a whole different man off the field. And off the field was always the issue when it came to Vick. Vick has said the right things, done the right things and has walked the walk. He has stepped into a leadership role on the Eagles and has thrived in it. Donovan McNabb seemed to provide the media with lip service when it came to leadership issues, Michael Vick appears to mean what he says, and as a result, the Eagles' young core of players has responded incredibly well to Vick and his role as a leader.

Nothing in the NFL is guaranteed. Michael Vick will be free at the end of the season to do whatever he wants and to sign pretty much wherever he wants. He'll probably be able to name his price too. When I say that Michael Vick is different now, I really, truly believe that. I don't think that Michael Vick will leave and sign somewhere else for the money alone (a la Jayson Werth). I believe Michael Vick wants to win and to re-shape his legacy in the NFL. He has taken huge strides toward that goal with the Eagles, and I don't believe that any other team in the NFL offers him the same opportunity. So relax, folks, and enjoy the ride. Let's just focus on how far the Eagles can fly with Michael Vick. The rest of it will take care of itself.


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