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Un-Farve-in' Be-Lee-vable!!!!!

See what I did there? I used the names of the two major sports stories in the title of my post. Geez am I some kind of genius or what? The biggest story to me is how Cliff Lee is leaving some $30 odd million on the table. And I don't want to hear, "Yeah, but he's still guaranteed $120 million. Do you realize that he's leaving more on the table than any Hall of Famer made in any sport until at least the mid-80's. This is one of the most unforeseen events in the history of free-agency. No. It is the most unforeseen event in the history of free-agency in any sport. Period. Think he might be the most popular man in the City of Brotherly Love? This is a guy who now officially owns the town. Hey Yankee fans, this is exactly how the rest of us feel every time you outbid us for every player you want. How's it feel? Not good, huh? Don't worry it fades and you might even end up appreciating what you have just a bit more. The most frustrated man in the world today has to be Brian Cashman, GM of the afore mentioned Yanks. What else was he supposed to do? You offer the guy $30 million more than the next guy and still lose. Barring him having the worst cologne in the universe, he couldn't have stunk that bad at closing Mr. Lee. So to the Phil's newest member, nicely done. How long have we waited for a guy to go with his heart over his wallet? Just for a moment in this Christmas season, we can all believe in the sport again. No matter how short lived it is until the next athlete takes his talents to South Beach or where ever, we can think about Cliff Lee doing what he thinks is best for him and his family, and on the way giving a city an early gift.

To Brett Favre, good career. I've spent a lot of time frusterated with you and your actions over the past 3 years or so, but now that it's over one can't help but admit that he was as fun to watch as any player in the history of the game. Well done sir. (now please don't do anything to ruin my good will)


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