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Two, two, two Farverer thoughts in one

Ok, so the Giants vs. Vikings game has been rescheduled for tonite. There will be more people reading this blog than attending the game, but that's fine. What has me really irked is a statement Brett Favre made on Sunday about his ailing, well, body. He said that if the game had been played yesterday he wouldn't have been able to play. So now let's all wait to see the Miracle Man show up tonite and grit it out. Is there any chance Mr. Favre is going to be on the show "Glee" this year? Really, if I tried I couldn't imagine being more of a drama queen. And let's reiterate my former iteration, all I want from this season is for the Bears to be the team that knocks him permanently into retirement. As far as the Bears doing anything grand this season, see results of yesterdays game against the Super-Evil Patriots. But I'm ready to retire from watching football if I have to put up much more with this 5th grade, school yard theatrics that is #4.

But my second point is related to Mr. Favre and the gal who's now claiming that she was sexually harassed by Mr. Favre. No, she won't do anything as long as he's suspended. What? Now yes, I get it that this type of behavior is not acceptable in most work environments. But this is like a stripper bitching that she has to get on her knee's to pick up the singles. I won't mention her name, but hasn't she made a living out of being a piece of ass? Now she's upset that someone treated her like a piece of ass? I can hear some saying, "What if she was your daughter?" My answer is simple; like the sage Chris Rock once said, a daddy's one job is to keep his little girl off the pole. If my daughter ever even considered acting like a whore I'd probably have to hang myself. But I'll tell you this, I wouldn't blame other people for treating her like one. "My hypocrisy only goes so far." (a free drink to the first person to identify the movie containing that last quote.)


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