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The Kid From Brooklyn - Start Me Up


Big Man help me out I didn't know where else to contact you but on your latest so here goes, I need the one from a few years back about you eating at an indian restuarant (That was the funniest one ever) and the one where you make fun of John Sterling and yankee announcers "Give me Red Barber, Mel Allen) from a few years bak....PLLLLLEEEEEZE?!
Buon Natale!

This is the Big Man from Canada, saying "Fuck them Muslim bastards!"
I can't seem to take off these old archives, when I hit on "Start me Up", nothing happens???
This is the big man from Canada saying "I wanna watch this big funny bastard, and I can't figure it out!
Help me!

Hey Kid: Tell us what you think about the banks. They took our bail out money, didn't make loans, are screwing us on fees and taking people's houses. They created this mess (along with Sen Phil Gramm who repealed the Glass- Stegall Act of 1937 that kept the banks out of the stock market).

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