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Random Thoughts From A Philly Sports Fan

Welcome back Cliff Lee.  Won’t be long before the 4 Aces t-shirts come out.  Ruben Amaro, Jr. has done a phenomenal job over the past few seasons of upgrading an already strong club and shifting the center of the baseball world to Philadelphia.  It says quite a lot about the organization that Lee spurned the most storied franchise in all of sports, leaving upwards of thirty million dollars.  It says a lot about Lee that he left all that money sitting on the table to come to a team for whom he clearly wants to play.  In addition, he returns to a team that traded him to the woeful Seattle Mariners exactly one year ago today (12/14/09).  That transaction alone could have soured Lee on the Phillies, but instead he has returned to the Phold, which leaves me with only one question.  How many days until pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater?

Thank you Jayson Werth.  Had he taken the Phillies offer, the Phils might not have had the financial ability to sign Lee.  I do not blame Werth for taking the money.  He spent the better part of two years out of baseball due to a wrist injury; he knows all too well that a baseball career could be over in a second.  I’ve heard people speak recently of loyalty and the Werth “owed” the Phillies for giving him a chance.  The only people Werth owes are his family, one hundred and twenty million dollars sets Werth’s family up for generations.  There’s no way he could pass that kind of offer up even though it means he’ll be suiting up for the Nationals for the foreseeable future.  So good luck Jayson, and thanks for the memories.

The most impressive thing about the Eagles victory over the Cowboys on Sunday wasn’t DeSean Jackson’s electrifying performance or Michael Vick’s resiliency or even Andy Reid’s uncharacteristic angry outburst at Jorrick Calvin’s endzone prancing followed by a penalty drawing shove to the back of a Cowboy’s helmet.  Certainly all were impressive, but to me the most impressive feat on Sunday was the final game cementing drive.  The Eagles received the ball with four minutes twenty-two seconds remaining in the game, and drove the ball down the Cowboys throat, chewing up yards and, more importantly, precious time.  The much maligned offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage in the final minutes of Sunday’s victory, opening holes LeSean McCoy exploited for a career high 149 yards.  On the final drive alone McCoy had 4 carries for 50 yards as well as a reception for 6 yards.  His slashing running style and excellent receiving skills make him the perfect replacement for Brian Westbrook, and he has emerged as a top notch dual threat back.  It’s been a long time since the Eagles have put a game away by running over four minutes off the clock by running the ball.  A victory over the Cowboys is always sweet, but this one was especially so because of the way they put it away.

Cowboys’ running back Tashard Choice was caught on camera asking Michael Vick for an autograph after the game.  Choice pulled out a Sharpie and asked Vick to sign Choice’s glove.  Choice has since stated the autograph is for his nephew, but to request an autograph immediately after a loss and to have it broadcast on national television is a total violation.   There’s no reason that Choice couldn’t have gone to the Eagles’ locker room and requested the autograph or even sent a ball boy to get it; looking like a star struck fan after your team has just suffered another disappointing loss in a disappointing season just isn’t acceptable for a professional athlete.


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