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Keep the dress, lose the heels....

Alright, I'm going to go down the path of least resistance and mention Rex-gate. So the guy likes his gals hoofs, big deal. Don't tell me that you don't have a kink that you wouldn't want your friends to know about, let alone the entire free world. (and even parts of it that aren't so free) And if you do make that claim you're as pathetic as the guy who says that he never masturbates. Fact is that there are sites I've visited that National Geographic is unaware of. Does that make me a freak? No more than you, and you know it. What I find amusing is a poll on ESPN has around 90% of the people voting that Rex doesn't owe them an explanation. Yeah, and you aren't trolling the net for details of this torrid foot sex video. If we can all just admit that we're all freaks I for one think we'd all be much better off. I know that I'd be relieved.


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