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I guess it's the time of year to make-believe....

All hail the UCONN's women's basketball team for now being the greatest team in the history of D-1 sports. Yeah, and Milli Vanilli were two of the best vocalists in all of music. Now I don't want to take anything away from these young ladies achievement, but can we pump the brakes on comparing them to the UCLA's men's basketball team? How many of those games were against schools that barely have a program? Fact is that women's sports don't have the level of competition that the men's programs do and when ESPN goes on a female binger, it just makes it look silly. I remember as a young lad heavy weight champ Larry Holmes fought another undefeated contender for the belt. This was touted as only the second time two undefeated pugilists had fought for the title. Can you name the guy? No, because he didn't count. He's built up his record against a series of tomato cans, but the fight got hyped up on just that, hype. So to the lovely ladies of UCONN, congratulations on becoming, or already being, the greatest women's basketball team in NCAA history. But let's please cease from comparing them to a UCLA team who defeated all comers, who actually had a chance to beat them.


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