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How bad could it possibly be in Washingtion?????

Yeah, Donovan McNabb, QB of the Washington Redskins, has played about as bad as the McRib sandwich tastes, but realistically what else are they gonna do? Well in a move that's absolutely not right out of one of the best cheesy football flicks, "The Replacements", Coach Shanahan is making a switch at QB. What's it going to take for them to turn this around? "Miles of heart." To quote the great Gene Hackman. So trotting out of the tunnel is going to come Shane Falco!! Er, wait a second, it's um, well it looks like they're going with who? NO! They wouldn't do that. That's as desperate as taking the Whore from Nickel Beer Night to your brothers wedding. Rex Grossman? What? That's not possible. Singularly the worst QB in the history of the NFL? What did Mr. McNabb do? Sleep with Coach Shanahan's wife? Really! How bad do things have to be for anyone, in any state of mind, touched or not to think to themselves, "Self, I've got to make this ship go the right direction.... what to do.... I've got it! Bring in the Sex Cannon!" Lord have mercy on the Washington Redskin's fans. I know what it's like to have to root for Rexy, and to be honest the Nickel Beer Night Whore looks better. What is the over/under on the amount of fumbled snaps? 73? Didn't the 'Skins just give McNabb an extension? Yeah, I know it only guaranteed around $3 million, but does that make that the worst $3 million ever invested? Either Coach Shanahan has absolutely lost his ever loving mind, or his wife is carrying a Coco colored baby! Go Bears!!!!!!


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