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Giants Playoff Hopes Alive, Despite Meltdown

Bradshaw gb 

Today is D-Day + 1 for the New York Giants season.  The shock of yesterday’s game still hurts, but with time the pain will begin to fade and right now all the team can do is continue to fight.  The healing process started last night with Green Bay’s loss to New England; meaning that if they Giants take care of business against the Packers at Lambeau on Sunday they clinch a spot in the postseason.  If the NYG can beat Green Bay and sneak into the playoffs as the sixth seed they would play an opening round game at Chicago and then if they beat the Bears move on to Atlanta, assuming that the seeds remain as they are now.  This is actually not a bad scenario for the Giants’ chances of making the NFC Championship Game. 

Chicago is inconsistent and Cutler is prone to a four interception game at any time.  Plus the Giants front four man-handled the Bears offensive line when the two teams met earlier this season.  Atlanta is tied with New England for the best record in the NFL at 12-2, but they may be the least talked about 12-2 team in history.  No one outside of Atlanta that isn’t a real tapped-in fan knows who any of these guys are, but let me tell you, they can play.  Matt Ryan is on his way to becoming the next great NFL quarterback.  When guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady retire, Ryan will be on the short list of guys that we talk about as the elite QBs in the league.  Having said that, many of their key players are young and without more than a game of playoff experience so we don’t really how they will react to the big stage.  I would much rather play them than the Eagles right now.

Save that date with the Eagles or Saints for the NFC Championship game.  Let those two beat each other up in the conference semifinals and the Giants can take on whoever emerges.  The storylines for either of those games would drive the media crazy.  If the NYG take on the Saints it would pit two of the past three Super Bowl champions against each other for a shot at another title.  The Saints are trying to build a dynasty and be the first team to repeat since last decade’s Patriots.  The Giants would be attempting to relive the magic of their 2007 season by winning three road playoff games en route to the Super Bowl once again.

The stories for a Giants-Eagles NFC title game would basically write themselves.  Everything would be about redemption, revenge, or vengeance; any way that one could choose to describe trying to make up for one of the most embarrassing collapses in team history.  I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to see that game, it would cause a media firestorm.

Of course all of this is speculation and as we’ve learned with this team, something could do wrong at any time.  For all those who think this team is done, I say it’s too early to tell.  This weekend against Green Bay will be a great litmus test though.  They could come out and fight as if it were a playoff game, and if that happens I think we could be looking at another deep playoff run.  The Packers will certainly come out fighting because they need this game to have any shot at postseason play.  The Giants can still make it in with a loss and a win the following week at Washington, but backing into the playoffs will not be good for the employment status for many around the organization.   

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great blog matt...i really enjoy reading them

Please Tom Coughlin, LEAVE and take Eli with you. 7 years and still confused.

I would much rather play them than the Eagles right now.

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