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Giants on Life Support

RIP 2010 New York Giants.  After today’s miserable defeat you can put a fork in this team.  Sure they still have a shot at the playoffs, but this performance has put the future of the franchise in serious question.  If head coach Tom Coughlin’s seat was hot after last week’s collapse, then it’s on fire right about now.  I was ready to blame last week’s loss on Matt Dodge and the special teams, but after today it has become clear that Coughlin may be the one that has to go.

I’m not going to do a full game recap, but basically if you didn’t watch the game all you need to know is the final score was 45-17 in favor of Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers threw four touchdown passes while Eli Manning threw four interceptions.  The Giants defense didn’t play as poorly as the score would indicate; the Packers offense was just that good.  Plus the Giants D could not get off the field because their offense turned it over six times in the game.

Green Bay is excellent on both sides of the ball and I can’t say that I’m completely surprised that the NYG lost, but the fact that the game wasn’t even close is a huge disappointment.  The Giants’ only touchdowns were big plays in the first half that came on mistakes by the Packers secondary.  They were never really even able to sustain a long drive aside from one in the third quarter which led to a Tynes field goal.  Packers are a great team, but the Giants would need to beat teams that are just as good or better on their way to another Super Bowl.  This game was an indication that this year’s squad just doesn’t have what it takes.

Next week they head to Washington in what should be a winnable game, but Rex Grossman and the Skins are actually playing pretty well right now.  With the way the Giants are playing nothing is guaranteed at this point, and even if they do manage to win they aren’t necessarily in the playoffs.  The Giants would also need Green Bay to lose next week against Chicago because the Packers now own a head to head victory over the NYG.  That very well could happen considering how well the Bears are playing right now, but today’s loss means that the Giants no longer control their own path to the playoffs.

Even if they did somehow manage to back into the postseason, it is hard to imagine the Giants winning even one postseason game.  Last weekend it seemed as if the Giants had the potential to make a deep playoff run, but now it’s hard to imagine them even making it.  Such is life in the NFL where one week you’re a contender and the next you’re a pretender.  This is a league with a focus on “The Now” and where the saying “What have you done for me lately?” is the gospel.  Tom Coughlin and several other Giants coaches and players may be about to learn that the hard way.


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Great post, Matt! I agree, they are done. I thought they had a fair chance of losing since the Packers are tough at Lambeau but I thought they would at least put up a fight! They looked as if they had better things to do. Coughlin may have to go, it is time for a change!

the Giants would need to beat teams

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