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Giants Collapse Fuels Eagles Comeback


Anyone else feel like they just got shot in the stomach?  I can’t remember a worse loss in Giants history.  This feels on par with all of the recent playoff losses like the ones to Philadelphia and Carolina, even the Ravens Super Bowl.  Those were playoff games and meant a lot more, but this one just feels worse because of the way the NYG collapsed.  I just can’t believe that they were up by 21 points in the fourth and couldn’t even force overtime.  This one really stings, especially because it came against the Eagles.

The Giants controlled the game in the first half.  Eli looked great throwing three touchdowns and Manningham really stepped up.  That is until he left the ball on the field for one of the worst fumbles ever at the start of the second half.  No one touched the ball; he just dropped it in the field of play as he was being tackled out of bounds.  That was when the momentum started to shift, but the Eagles still had a long way to go with the Giants up by two touchdowns.

Andy Reid did his best to lose the game by not challenging a DeSean Jackson fumble on which he should have been ruled down by contact.  The Giants took advantage of the turnover and scored on Eli’s fourth touchdown of the day which was a completion to Kevin Boss in the middle of the end zone.  The Giants were up 31-10 and the game looked out of reach.

On the next drive the Eagles scored quickly on a 65 yard pass from Michael Vick to tight end Brent Celek cutting the lead to 14 and forcing Giants fans to worry a little.  The Eagles followed the touchdown with an onside kick that was surprising to no one…except the Giants who were set up for a deep kick and allowed the Eagles’ Riley Cooper to recover.  Philadelphia then marched down the field for another touchdown led by Vick who was able to run all over the Giants defense after being contained in the first half. 

The Giants couldn’t do anything on the ensuing possession and when the Eagles got it back Vick ran all the way down field again.  He connected with Jeremy Maclin on a short touchdown pass to tie the game, but the Giants had over a minute and a half to answer for the win.

That answer never came, and the Giants were forced to punt with 12 seconds left with their sights set on overtime.  Overtime never came either.  Matt Dodge kicked a line drive in the middle of the field to Jackson who bobbled the kick.  The bobble allowed his blocks to set up and he ran away from the Giants defense for the touchdown to complete the Eagles comeback.  Coughlin ran on to the field to berate Dodge even before Jackson had hit the end zone.  Dodge was supposed to kick the ball out of bounds, but apparently mishandled the snap and didn’t feel that he could angle it out.

The blame for this loss lies heavily with the special teams.  The onside kick was completely mishandled and the Jackson return is flat out unacceptable.  Someone needs to lose their job after this loss, whether it is the special teams coordinator or Dodge.  I vote for the coordinator, as the entire special teams unit has been subpar this season.  The true test for the Giants will be how they rebound from the loss.  This is the type of devastating defeat that could absolutely deflate a team.  We will see how they respond next week in Green Bay against a Packers team that may be getting Aaron Rodgers back.  If they come out fighting then this is a team that could go deep into the playoffs.  This loss could light a fire under them and they could get on a roll like they did in 2007. 

The loss could also very well be the beginning of the end of the 2010 season for the NYG.  They’re still most likely going to make the playoffs, but now they’ll almost certainly have a first round road game against Chicago or Green Bay.  A win today would have almost guaranteed a playoff bye, but one devastating fourth quarter may have just altered the entire season outcome for the NYG.  Let’s just pray that they don’t have to face the Eagles again in the playoffs.   


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* be happy together is good enough. I am not asking for things that I could never get.

just dropping by to say that I'm really excited that you're writing Fox Hats again.also, your recent posts just got me to revisit my unfairly-ignored DC Hats Jonathan Richman records, and so thanks for that as well. Cheers

The onside kick was completely mishandled and the Jackson return is flat out unacceptable. Someone needs to lose their job after this loss, whether it is the special teams coordinator or Dodge.

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