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Detroit Lions win three in a row

It is not to often the Detroit Lions win three games in a row. To put that in perspective my son is five years old, and this is only the second time since he was born that they have been able to do so. Let us put these wins into perspective. The Lions have not won back to back road games on consecutive weeks since 1993. However they have won consecutive road games three times since then with the latest coming in 2004.

In 2007 the Lions had a very good first half and from 10-21 to 11-4 of that year the Lions were undefeated. Of course what followed was an epic collapse that led to a 0-16 season the following year. Things feel a heck of a lot different this time around.

I see a Lions team that is learning how to win, I see a coaching staff that is learning how to win, and I see an organization that has lifted itself out of the bottom of the league to whatever we would like to call the next tier. The not quite ready for the playoffs tier, but not a complete laughing stock either.

As I have said before there are no meaningless wins in the NFL. I do not care that the Lions have gone from a top 5 pick in the 2011 NFL draft to a pick somewhere in the teens. I am sick of high draft picks, I need to see this team win to keep any faith in the current administration and that this team could ever get better.

Before the year I said the Lions were a 5-6 win team, and with one game to go they have 5 wins. Even though the losing got to me during the middle part of the season, it seems this team is exactly who we thought they were. A young team getting better, for now that is good enough. However with that being said I would like to see them close out the 2010 regular season with a win over the Minnesota Vikings.

IN the winning they have proven several things, the first and most important is that Head Coach Jim Schwartz may be the perfect coach for this team. The second is that General Manger Martin Mayhew has done an excellent job of upgrading the talent level of this team. Give this duo a few more seasons and we could be talking about a deep playoff run without all the usual snickering Lions fans hear when we talk about the post season.

There are still a few issues with this team, and they still need plenty of parts, but they are improving and they can at least be competitive most weeks. For Lions fans that is a tremendous first step.

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