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Collies In The Meadow-Trevor and Anya and their family of puppies..

Trevor and Anya, Years ago when Trevor was with us and Anya at Red Fern Farms Teresa and I brought our two kennels together for a litter that would prove to be very, very special to us.  It was Trevor's first love and Anya's first step towar's coming to live with us several years later. This was the beginning of our Trevor Line which is one half of our collie family that will ultimately be bred with our Hallie line.  Part of the catalyst of bringing these two line together is Anya and the other is Glendale Farm Collies. 

THe breeding of Anya and Trevor was interesting for Anya had experience and flirted and played with Trevor letting him know she liked him very much.  The first day Trevor fumbled and bumbled along.  So, we went home and came back the next morning.  Anya met Trevor at the car door and they ran off five feet and well.... it was the beginning of a litter of 9!!!

Out of this litter came two little girls. The first one born was Branwen who became part of our family and the last one born after 7 brothers was Ellie who started her life at Red Fern and eventually joined our family.  One would never guess they are sisters... Branwen is a big girl at about 70 pounds while Ellie goes about 45.  Below are the pictures of the only two daughters of Trevor/Anya.

Niamh's Misty Meadow Branwen.... our baby collie dog who is now the Alpha female here.  THe older she gets the more she looks like her father, although you can't tell that in this picture.  Loud, fun loving, a flirt and yet a food loving collie who will let another collie know she doesn't like them breathing her air or walking on her floor, she can be domineering one moment, spoiled the next, a prince the next and then a caring loving collie the next moment.

Ellie is a small boned, petite lil collie despite the fact her father and her mother are big, big boned collies.  However, Trevor's mother, Lil Bit, called Peanut was a tiny lil girl herself and evidently this line has a rogue "small gene" that skips about in random generations rearing its head and making an appearance every so often.  Ellie is a usually very quiet collie who is fun loving and usually very, very quiet barking only when she chases other collies in the chase or when we go out the door.  She is a snuggle bunny, unlike Branwen who doesn;t like to share her bed, air or to cuddle for long.  How can two sisters look so different and act so different? 

Trevor and Anya loved each other and always got along well. Although Anya had many puppies by several different males she always seemed to like Trevor the best.  It seems so very long ago that they had their family together and now Trevor is a elderly Alpha male here passing through his final years a grand old collie who is graying and growing feeble.  Anya has passed onto the otherworld and we miss her deeply.  She was the happiest, kindest, most loving and a snuggle bunny collie whom we loved very deeply.  She left her mark on our collie family and the day she died part of us died with her.  Soon, revor will be joining her. He is the last of the old guard now with Hallie, Anya, Sadie and Niamh all being gone.  Together they made a special bunch of puppies and their two daughters are poised to lead our family into the future.... God Bless You Anya.... I will love you... forever!!!!

Why God Chose to take our beloved Anya at a younger age I will probably never understand. She had a huge impact upon our collie family and upon our hearts. The most gentle and most loving collie I ever knew she was a Angel on earth and now is a Angel in heaven.  May God hold you closely dear Anya.... someday we will meet again.... RIP sweetie!


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