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Collies In The Meadow- Collie Blogging

What is it like writing a collie blog?  Well despite being a lot of fun it is an adventure everytime I write a entry.  You see, my collies always want to be involved in every entry. What this consists of is when I start writing they all gather around and watch me with curiosity.  They watch my fingers type, they watch the screen flashing and they get more interested by the second.

Finally, one will jump up with their front feet on my lap and want attention as they sniff the keyboard, look at the screen and stick their paws on the keyboard to see why I am touching it.  They will sniff the stuff around the computer and then it escalates.  SMOKE AND Lad will wrestle, Rutherford and Walter will wrestle and Ginger will join in and soon they are bouncing against the chair and I am hanging on as my chair scoots across the floor. 

Ah yes, it can be an adventure. So, why not let them outside?  Well they are like your kids when you are on the Telephone.  They break out in a ruckus for they know I am up to something and they want to be part of it.  So, I find I am going to the door to see what all the noise is and then why it is so quiet.  My collies are usually up to their most wild ideas when they are being quiet.....

Why not put them in another room?  Well, just like when I am on the phone, they decide that is when they will act up.  So, I keep them with me as I write.  I actually don't find it annoying or a problem for much of the time I am laughing at their antics. They are a lot of fun and each blog I write I can usually remember something that happened while writing it.

But, the collie interaction has its side effects for their messing with the keyboard has them writing words like pojipo;jk;'o   or argrtas4ratreart  with their paws.  So, I have to stop and take that out and I begin to misspell words which could be cleared up by the spellchecker, but after sever blank screens, newly opened tabs and browsers and other unexpected results of their paws on the keyboard and several jam ups of the computer due to this I just post the blog misspellings and all and plan on coming back and cleaning it up later.  But, sometimes I get too busy to do this.

To some it might not seem like a lot of fun, but I have a riot for I love seeing what the collies think up next and what they will do to be part of writing the blog.  It is a lot of fun and I laugh a lot.

So, that is what it is like writing a collie blog..... here comes Mick ..... RQWEYBQTBWTHYET   Well, I guess Mick got his say in eh?  :)  Thank You for reading Collies In The Meadow!


DId you like what I wrote? I am one of dad's biggest helpers in writing the blog!  Watch this!




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