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An early Christmas present.... (words to fight song included)

Rather than do a "Night Before Christmas" poem about how Da Bears smacked down Brett Favre in their last game against him I think I'll just gloat. So to all those out there who have doubted all season long I say; hmm, (that's me clearing my throat) "Told ya!!!!! You sick loser!!!! My team clinched their division before anyone else!! So logically they are the best team in the NFL!!!! Your team sucks!!!! My team rules!!! Can we schedule the Championship parade yet???? Oh, yeah!!!! Gigady!!!!" Now none of that makes any sense and it's clearly the worst post I've ever done, and yet it was cathartic. I'm not going to lie, going into last nights game I had genuine fear that Da Bears were going to fall apart, and not even make the playoffs. And after the Patriots game you can't tell me that I had no reason for it. Now clearly I'm not saying that Da Bears are going to win the Super Bowl, but it's a great feeling knowing that your team is going to be playing in the post season. And this year, who knows? Seriously, why can't Da Bears go to the show? Didn't they beat every bodies favorite Philadelphia Eagles? And I can't remember a year where there's been less of a heavyweight contender, thus I'm gonna believe that we have a shot. So for those of you who don't know the words to the Chicago Bears fight song, here's your present;

Bear down, Chicago Bears

Make every play pave the way to victory

Bear down, Chicago Bears

You've got to fight with a might so fearlessly

We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation, With your T-formation

Bear down, Chicago Bears

Let them know why you wear the crown

You're the pride and joy of Illinois

Chicago Bears, Bear down



Lean it, know it, live it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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