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Trash Talk from the Detroit Lions - Cowboys

Who's the Front Runner?

The 2-7 Detroit Lions will play the 2-7 Dallas Cowboys this Sunday in Dallas.  Not much Front Running going on there.

Cowboys WR Roy Williams is quoted as saying that “many of the Lions' problems when he played in Detroit were caused by an ineffective offensive line.” 

Detroit Lions Center Dominic Raiola, who played with Williams in Detroit, fired back "That's coming from a guy who checked out of here… He never wanted to be here.  I don't even think he's the top receiver in Dallas anymore.” "If he wants to throw shots, we can throw shots back, too. Pretty much what I'm saying is that Roy's a frontrunner. If he wants to talk sh_t about us, that's what I'm going to give you.'' 

When a team is 0-16 they have a lot more problems than that if you ask me.  Detroit is not as bad as they used to be and the Cowboys well it depends on which team shows up. 

Thanks to Roy Williams for giving the Lions some cork board material to get the Loins fired up.  That all the Cowboys need this Sunday is a pissed off Lions team.


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