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They Won... But They Didn't Cover

A few days ago, I posted an article saying - that I thought the Indianapolis Colts would beat the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday.

Well, I was wrong. The Eagles won, but they didn't cover.

Today, ESPN is asking the question "Are the Eagles the best team in the NFC?"

I know the answer to that one- "No!"

Let's take a look at what the Eagles needed to beat Indy.

First of all they were coming off a bye (I know Andy Reid never loses coming off a bye)- and they were at home- those are big advantages in and of themselves.

Then you add the fact that the Colts played on Monday night (short week), so they weren't fully rested.

And there's also the dirty hit by Kurt Coleman on Austin Collie (Who seems to be Peyton Manning's favorite target this year). The NFL is not going to discipline Coleman by the way.

And Indy's playing with a ton of injuries anyway.

You take all of that and the Eagles (only) managed to beat the Colts by two.

That's the best team in the NFC- I'm not buying it.

The Eagles aren't even the best team in their division. Right now, Peyton's little brother Eli and the Giants look like they could be the best team in the NFC.

Or maybe the Atlanta Falcons- who seem to be clicking in every phase of the game.

A good friend of mine, the Big Tuna-not the one in Miami, thinks it's the Packers... I'll buy that.

But, I'm not buying into Michael Vick and the Eagles (maybe because I've got two dogs) as the best in the NFC.

Actually, I hope the Eagles get to the Super Bowl (against the Colts of course) because (as the Houston Texans already know), you don't beat the Colts twice.


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