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Oakland Raiders: Dangerous in the NFL?

When Oakland started the season at 1-3, many felt this was the same old, same old Raiders club, who had a better chance at giving the Patriots a top three pick in the first round next season than a shot at the playoffs. Losses to the Cards by a failed field goal and a late-game interception had done their damage.

Oakland would call enough is enough, by shocking both the Chargers and the NFL by stunning the bolts on their visit to town, showing enough defensive prowness to come alive, just at the right time. Then Oakland would bring out a question mark with a bay area loss to the winless 49ers.

2-4...question marks remain and some fans even entertained the idea of having Boller come in to save the team.

Oakland would trot out Jason Campbell, who had his worst day ever, against the 49ers, and Campbell preceeded to open a can on the Broncos, as the Raiders on both offense and defense turned the game into a rout. Oakland would score early and often, even taking the fourth quarter off, nailing 59 points on the board.

What just happened? Denver would love to know.

Some in the media would continue to second guess Oakland...after all, Denver just hasn't been Denver these last three seasons....Oakland can't lose in Invesco, while Denver can't lose at Oakland. More importantly, the Raiders have a history of being unable to win back-to-back games, why worry?

Seattle came of Oakland with this mindset...only to have the Raiders come out swinging, relying on a strong defensive effort to keep the Seahawks off the board. Oakland would get 10 points in the first half, then crank out another 23 points, while the visiting team could only muster a field goal.

Some would say everything that possibly could go right Sunday did. Bouncing plays, a knee-bounced ball that MIchael Bush turned into a 55 yard gain, for example. Or the Seahawks normally reliable kicking game missing field goals that are normally taught at clinics.

Oakland has found itself in an interesting position. For the first time since 2002, the raiders are at .500 at the halfway mark. It's also interesing, considering that last season they didn't have four wins until December sixth. Across the board, Oakland has improved on every facet, but probably the most telling, is in the touchdowns.

Last season, Oakland in 16 games had 17.

This year? Oakland in 8 games, has 21...including 8 against the Broncos.

Dangerous? Welcome to the Party.


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