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NY Knicks..Mike D'Antoni...He's Gotta Go! (The Re-Mix)

It's time the New York Knicks reshuffle the deck and end the Mike D'Antoni era. I had my doubts about his capacity to coach defense when he came here,  but let's keep it real, he was brought in to get Lebron James, any thing else was gravy. Regretfully, this scenario did not come to pass. So Mike D'Antoni must go now. He's put up the good fight. His biggest regret maybe that he was unable to persuade Steven Nash to join him. Well---his days are numbered here in NY and to the "Bocker Nation", he's gotta go. 

 In parting, Coach D'Antoni will be remembered for leaving a legion of Knick fans with memories of his "EZ-PASS Defense" aka "EZ-Pass D". Ya see, the "EZ-Pass D" is predicated on providing the opposition easy access through the lane and to the basket. No fuss, no waiting, no congestion....and minimal resistance from the Knicks for 4 quarters. Seriously, a decent "baller" going up against the Knicks interior defense, can have a career evening. Hell...they may even record a 30 for 30 game. Ask Minnesota Timberwolve, Kevin Love. He was able to increase his rebounding average by 50% thanks to the New York Knicks "EZ-Pass D." There's no fuss, no waiting nor any resistance on the boards too!

Seriously, defense is a common ingredient to all successful championship teams. In basketball, a good defensive team creates opportunities for the offense. But, the Knicks lack a defensive attitude. Coach D'Antoni does not pay attention to the various details of defense. The Knicks do not play cohesively on this side of the ledger. Often, they are out of sync in their perimeter rotations, incompetent in defending pick and rolls, butter-soft in providing interior resistance, and way too charitable in allowing unescorted forays to the hoop..(ClydeGYI0062090264_crop_450x500  Frazier voice) that leads to layups and dunks. Now some of the "kool-aid sippers" can look at the team statistics and point out that the Knicks are ranked 10th in rebounding, 2nd in block shots ppg, 6th in steals. Albeit two good defensive hustle indicators, but let's be real, statistics  can be skewed. Therefore, their "rank and file" team statistics do belie the fact that collectively, the Knicks play poor team defense.

Defense must be preached, and instituted from a firm foundation. Especially in today's NBA where physical play is against the norm. A fond distant memory of Mason, X-Man, Oakley, Harper and Ewing. Hence, a change in culture is warranted to move this team in the proper direction, and make it more appealing to future free agents. I'm not sure how long James Dolan will allow  Mike D'Antoni to lead this team toward "Mamby Pamby land", but the longer he waits to make a move, the deeper its will descend into the abyss. It's time James Dolan makes nice with Jeff VanGundy. He has plenty of time on his hand and he knows a thing or two about defense. Pick up the Cell phone Mr. Dolan.


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