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I'm So Sick Of Michael Vick

Ok, I know this is a blog for the Indianapolis Colts, but I've gotta say that right now- Philadelphia Eagles fans make me sick.

Seriously, if I hear one more Eagles fan tell me that Michael Vick is the MVP of the league- I'm gonna punch him in the neck. Vick

First of all, I'll give credit where credit's due: last night Michael Vick was amazing... But it was just one game.

  Kyle Orton and Mark Sanchez both had great games too- should we be talking about them for league MVP also.

I'd take either Manning over any one of those guys every day of the week.

And let's put this win into perspective: the Detroit Lions beat the Redskins. So, it's not like this win makes the eagles some sort of powerhouse team.

Let's see what Vick does against a team with a legitimate pass rush (New York Giants) before we get out the anointing oil.

And I'm not just saying this because I'm a dog lover (one of whom is a beagle- you know the kind of dog that Vick "rescued" from the pound to throw into a cage so it could get torn limb from limb by a dog he was training to be a killer- way to make a monster into a hero Philly).

I'm saying it because, I honestly don't think that Michael Vick is the best player in the league.


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