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Giants vs. Eagles Running Diary


8:15- I had my gross nachos from the dining hall, I’ve got my white Justin Tuck jersey on, I’m ready for some football!  Welcome to the running diary where tonight we’ve got the NYG in Philadelphia to take on Mike Vick and the Eagles.  Kickoff is just a few minutes away but right now the talking heads at NBC are still going at it. Tony Dungy has the Eagles, Rodney Harrison is picking the NYG, and no word from Keith Olbermann.

8:25- Al Michaels just asked Chris Collinsworth how the Giants stop Mike Vick.  I just wrote about that today!  Think they read this blog?  Al if you’re reading this mention Jeff Hostetler’s mustache next week on air.

8:30- They just showed NFC East standings, winner of tonight’s game improves to 7-3 and takes sole possession of first.  Andrea Kramer just said that Shawn Andrews is playing and starting at LT, good news for the NYG.  Giants won the toss and are getting the ball first.

8:32- Opening kickoff goes out of the end zone.  Bear Pascoe is starting again at fullback for the injured Madison Hedgecock, Kevin Boothe is the LG.

8:33- Third and ten, Eli has all day and find Nicks for a bomb, but he couldn’t get both feet in.  Then another terrible Matt Dodge punt, not the start the NYG was looking for.  How much more patient can Coughlin be with this kid?

8:36- Uh oh, Tuck on the sideline after stopping a Vick one yard run on first down.  On the bright side, great tackle by Antrel Rolle on a Shady McCoy run on second down.

8:37- Sigh of relief, Tuck back in after only one play, 3 and out for the Giants D, looking good.

8:41- Even running to the right, Bradshaw has gone nowhere on four runs.  Manningham runs another terrible route on a third down that would’ve been short of the first, but he dropped the pass so it doesn’t even matter.  This is where the Giants are really missing Steve Smith.

8:45- Two false starts by the Eagles already, shouldn’t happen at home.  Eagles try a screen to Maclin, but Tuck blows it up nicely.  Next play they give Vick all day to throw and of course he finds DeSean Jackson for a big gain.

8:48- First impressive Vick play of the night.  Safety blitz by Deon Grant right in Vicks face but he still somehow gets a completion to Maclin.  Two plays later he swings one out to McCoy who breaks the ankles of the entire Giants defense for a first down.  I warned them about McCoy in the passing game!

8:54- Vick runs one into the end zone.  Collinsworth places the blame for that one on Boley and I can’t help but agree, you have to contain him. Eagles 7 Giants 0

8:57- Things getting a little chippy on the field after another ugly Will Blackmon kick return.  The NYG really need to draft a return specialist; actually they needed to draft a return specialist three years ago.

9:02- A couple nice completions from Eli to Hakeem “I’m so tempted to call him The Dream but that nickname is taken” Nicks.  Our first Brandon Jacobs sighting on a second and three, but of course Biggie goes nowhere.  I realized that Bradshaw is a better running back than him during the Super Bowl run.  Why did it take everyone else until this season to figure that out?

9:06- Biggie just reminded us why he still gets playing time.  He blew up Philly linebacker Ernie Sims in pass protection on an Eli pass to Mario “Whole Nine Yards” Manningham.  That play was followed by a nice Bradshaw run and a nice run by Biggie.

9:13- Ugh they run Biggie on second and goal, I hate that play call but they do it all the time, this feels like a field goal drive.

9:15- Tynes makes the field goal.  Do I know this team or do I know this team? Eagles 7 Giants 3

9:21- Dangerous play, Rolle and Pierre-Paul miss Vick in the backfield, he launches one to Jackson but its overthrown.  Next play Tuck and Pierre-Paul get him, Eagles punt again.  Blackmon gets decked helmet to helmet trying to field the punt.

9:25- Eli looking for Derek Hagan almost gets picked, then Hagan almost catches it, then almost fumbles it, but ruled incomplete.  Next play Bradshaw actually fumbles one away.

9:28- Eagles with great field position after the fumble.  Vick almost breaks one, Jackson drops one in the end zone, but NYG hold them to a field goal.  That has to be considered a victory for the Giants.  Defense is holding up so far, they just need a little bit of help from the offense.  Eagles 10 Giants 3

9:32- Blackmon falls down on the ensuing kickoff.  I wonder if he knows where he is right now after that hit he took before.

9:34- Eli picked by his old friend Asante Samuel.  Samuel gets a little vengeance from Super Bowl 42, although I’m sure he still has nightmares from his dropped INT in that game.

9:36- Jason Avant drops a pass wide open in the end zone on third down, Giants escape with letting up only a field goal again. Eagles 13 Giants 3

9:41- Samuel absolutely demolishes Hagan, but it was helmet to helmet.  Samuel gets a 15 yard penalty and most likely a fine.

9:43- Two Minute Warning and we just had our first Duke Calhoun sighting.  Unfortunately we also had our first Duke Calhoun dropped pass.  He’s on his way earning the nickname “Duke of Hazard”.

9:48- After a Giants punt Vick connects with Maclin on 30+ yarder to get into Giants territory, then almost runs for another first down on the next play.

9:53- After a clipping penalty Eagles have first and 25, Giants send three straight blitzes, no sacks but the pressure was very effective in forcing the Eagles into another field goal attempt right before the end of the half.

9:55- Wow Terrell Thomas blocked the field goal!  That’s the first good special teams play for the NYG all night.  Yeah I’m looking at you Blackmon (although I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a concussion).

9:57- First Half Thoughts:  The defense did a great job considering the absolutely putrid field position they were given the entire half.  The offense needs to show up if the Giants want to have any shot at winning this game.  They can’t afford any more turnovers, although it would be nice if they caused a few.  They need to keep blitzing Vick and take care of the ball.  There’s still a lot of football left to be played tonight, but the NYG have a lot of catching up to do.

10:09- Opening kickoff of the second half, Ellis Hobbs gets knocked out and fumbles but its recovered by the Eagles.  Scary scene as Philly training staff brought out the stretcher, but Hobbs does seem to be talking and moving.

10:28- Eagles on a long drive, but on a third and one deep in Giants territory they try a QB sneak and don’t make it.  Then they try it again on fourth and Vick gets it.

10:31- Giants defense holds them to a field goal again after a drive that took 8:22 off the game clock.  The defense is playing much better than anyone expected, now the offense needs to put some points on the board to make this a game. Eagles 16 Giants 3

10:35- Will Blackmon brought the kickoff out to the 32!  Eli completes a pass to Bradshaw with his left hand! Mario Manningham ran a route past the first down marker!  Break up the Giants!

10:39- Kevin Boss makes a catch without getting decked!  Who are these guys?

10:42- Third and very long, pass interference called on Quintin Mikell going against Mario Manningham, correct call.  NYG get the ball on the one yard line, 31 yard penalty.  Very next play, Eli to Travis Beckum for a touchdown! Eagles 16 Giants 10

10:50- Eagles driving as the third quarter ends.  Buckle up, this is getting good.

10:53- First play of the fourth quarter, Vick miraculously gets away from a Barry Cofield sack and scrambles for a few.  Next play is a strip sack by Tuck and Cofield recovers; poetic justice.

10:55- Giants first play, Eli play-action to Jacobs then tosses him a 22 yard bomb.  Next play first and goal, more play- action, its Eli to Hagan for the TD! Giants 17 Eagles 16

10:57- Go back and read my post from last Wednesday, Giants touchdowns to Beckum and Hagan are making me look like a genius.

10:59- Ugly kickoff from Larry Tynes goes out of bounds.  If the NYG special teams is trying to lose this game, it’s doing a damn good job.

11:03- Giants choose not to blitz on third and nine, big mistake as Vick hits a wide open Avant.

11:05- Vick airs it out to Maclin, but he was double covered by Thomas and Kenny Phillips and the pass was broken up.  Maclin and Phillips were both hurt on the play but walked off the field under their own power.  Next play Giants blow up a screen to Shady, they really are making me look smart.

11:09- Cofield gets strip sack of his own with a little help from Tuck.  Vick recovers, but Philly is forced to punt.

11:12- Third down, Nicks does his best Manningham impression and runs a short route, but breaks a tackle and runs for the first down.  He fumbled at the end of the run, but it was recovered by Rich Seubert.

11:14- On the next play Eli, under pressure, dumps a short pass to Bradshaw.  A fumble was called on the field, but the play was challenged by Coughlin and reversed.  Bradshaw had his wrist and forearm down, thus he was down by contact before the fumble.  Sure it was a seven yard loss, but at least the NYG maintained possession.

11:21- Giants punt, Dodge bobbles the snap but eventually gets off a big kick for a touchback which combined with an Eagles hold means Philly will start at their own 10.

11:23- Owen Schmitt sighting for the Eagles.  This guy is a beast; he broke something like six facemasks while at West Virginia.

11:25- Big third and five, the Giants blitz and Boley gets to Vick causing an incompletion, but Jason Pierre-Paul was called for offsides.  Third and one, and Vick throws an incompletion. 

11:27- Fourth and one, Vick bobbles the snap, pitches it to LeSean McCoy and he takes it all the way to the house for a touchdown, amazing play.  Eagles go for two point conversion and get it.  Eagles 24 Giants 17

11:31- Ensuing kickoff is short and Blackmon takes it all the way to the 39, good field position for Eli and the boys.  First play, Eli is picked by Asante Samuel again off a Hagan deflection, but Samuel fumbles on the run back and the Giants recover.  A great hit by Bradshaw caused the fumble, and another clutch recovery by Seubert.

11:33- General Calhoun catches a screen pass and does a forward roll for four yards, his first NFL catch.

11:35- Fourth and six, Giants go for it, Eli scrambles for the first, dives head first and loses the ball.  The ruling on the field is a fumble recovered by the Eagles, but the Giants are challenging the play.  Stupid move by Eli, he should’ve just slid feet first.  The ruling on the field stands.  Fourth turnover of the night for the NYG, but they still have two timeouts and the two minute warning to try and get the ball back.

11:41- Shady stopped for no gain on first down, but he breaks a 40 yard run on second.

11:44- Two minute warning, not looking good for the Giants.  Pierre-Paul’s offsides and Eli’s stupid slide/fumble are sticking out as the two plays that really could’ve changed the outcome of the game.  You have to give props to McCoy though; he broke big runs in big situations.

11:48- The Eagles will let the clock run down and attempt a field goal to put the game away.  Remember the NYG blocked one earlier and another block is really their only hope left in this one.  The field goal is good though and that’s game.  Eagles 27 Giants 17

11:53- Eli throws one more interception for good measure and that’s all she wrote.

11:54- Game Recap: You can’t really complain about the job of the offense or defense overall.  They made a few stupid mental errors and let up a few big plays which was the difference in the game.  You’re going to give up a big play or two to the Eagles, but the mental errors are unacceptable.  That being said I have faith that Coughlin will get it corrected.  They may have lost two in a row, but the Giants played much better tonight than last week and this team is still one of the best in the NFC and the NFL.  Thanks for making it through the entire running diary, hope you enjoyed it despite the loss.




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