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Time to "Cowboy Up" Baseball Fans!!!!

First off, in response to those of you who took offense to my early crowning of the San Fransisco Giants, ease up. If you haven't noticed this might be just a tad tongue in cheek here. And to Dawn specifically, "Who's the fool now?" There, now don't we all feel better? But this World Series is going to clear up a lot of the argument between die hard baseball vs. football fans. And yes, there is an argument that I've been forced to listen to far too many times whilst enjoying a frosty beverage at my favorite watering hole. Which game is more popular? That question is going to be answered emphatically with the results of this year World Series TV ratings. Let's see how many die hards tune in when it's the Texas Rangers vs. the San Fransisco Giants. Wanna bet that this is the lowest rated sporting event since the "Magic Hour" starring, as I'm sure you remember, Irvin "Magic" Johnson. And I don't want to hear that this year doesn't count because it's two small market teams. That's bull! If it was a Green Bay Packer vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Super Bowl it would still be the most watched event of the year. And I'm not putting baseball down. As I've often said, baseball is a way of life. You put the game on in the background, cook some dinner, split the atom, cure syphilis, and every now and then check the score. While football is an event. Every game matters and when it comes to the post season you still watch every single game no matter who's playing. So this baseballer's view that they won't watch unless it's their team doesn't fly or else I wouldn't have watched a Super Bowl since '85. (the last game that allegedly had the Bears in it was a left wing lie/conspiracy aimed at besmirching the good name of Mike Ditka") Hey, maybe I'll be wrong and massive amounts of people will tune in for every pitch, but would you put your money on that? No, me neither.


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