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The NBA is "Dissing the Game".......Knock it Off!

The NBA season is just a few days old, it's unraveling and shaking off the cotton balls from the summer of Le bron and the Miami Heat. But, as the season matures, and games begin taking on more significance on the back nine, will officiating crews continue to enforce this mandate to rid the court of player reactions to personal fouls, which is an intrinsic part of competition. It's only human...yes? 

Do the NBA want to silence it's players? Is this an attempt to  further sanitize the NBA brand?  A few years back Mr. Stern AKA "Mr.Rogers" implemented a players dress code. The code eliminated do-rags, baggy pants and "Thug Attire" worn by players arriving prior to games. I'm not sure if this sartorial implementation led to more ticket sales for the Grizzlies and other struggling franchises across the league, but it sure antagonized its players, many that were raised in the "Hip Hop Culture". Today, Mr. Rogers (David Stern) is asking grown ass men to refrain from talking back to their teachers(Officials). Now in an effort to be objective, there's a degree of whining and complaining by players after foul calls. (See Rasheed Wallace) But, conversely, some of these foul calls are horrible. Yet, players are asked not to question the judgement of these over officious zebras during the heat of engagement-- their rulings are beyond approach....I think not.

In sports, competititon brings out emotion. Passion is often the fuel that drives sports. To eliminate or lobotomize emotion will only lead to a watered down product. So to ask competitors not to react to erroneous officiating is just ridiculous. Here's a scenario: There's 10 seconds in a tied game, a bad foul is called,which awards another team free throws. An opposing player expresses his displeasure to the call egregiously. Do the official "T UP" this player?

I am  certain the NBA  don't want the outcome of their games decided by officiating, but without modification of this new reform I afraid that scenario will come to fruition during the course of this season. I agree the game needs to be respected, but please don't disrespect the players by robbing them of their organic drive to compete. That's what drive them, that's what makes sports special. No disrespect commissioner.

Good Bad Ugly

Can the Dolphins rebound from that stick up last week?Remember..there's no fair exchange in a robbery.  The Dallas Cowboys Wade Phillips is like the Elmer Fudd of NFL Head Coaches.

I'm happy the Texas Rangers won yesterday...It means we get a least two more days of Ronald "Uncle Ron" Washington...he's been a Twitter Sensation. Let's see Dwight Howard spent about 3 weeks with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer...and Dwight now has Gregory Hines footwork and shooting bank shots off the Glass....Patrick Ewing...pack're fired. He's now "Freaky like my Lady Pyramids!"

Chris Bosh will have trouble in this Miami Heat offense while operating in the half court set. His game is outside in. I said all along he'll be like Fredo to Sonny and Michael. 

Speaking of's still too early to judge the "The New NFL with more games and less Hits" ......but, there is a correlation between the increase in scores and players learning how to levitate. Please Believe me!

The Minnesota sorry sap suckers!


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