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Some Good, Bad and Ugly in Sports

S-LEBRON-JAMES-RACE-CNN-PRIMETIME-large300 The first quarter grades for the New York Jets and Giants are B+ and C respectively.  The Jets are living up to their own advance billing by posting a strong 3-1 record. That lone smudge being a one point loss to the Ravens while playing from a “connect-a-dot” offensive game plan.  As for the G-Men, their two victories were against offensively challenged (Bears, Panthers) teams, so I’m not going to get too giddy, because in that debacle against the Indianapolis Colts, their Defense could not figure out Peyton Manning. He played as if he knew every defensive Giants call--before they knew. Overall, both teams have shown some improvements, the Jets on offense with Ladalian Tomlinson playing like he did 5 years ago, and the Giants on defense, especially after their 9 sack performance on Sunday night. 

The road for these two teams is filled with interesting games along the way. The Jets go up against the re-vitalized Vikings, the re-mixed Randy Moss edition. The Giants face the 3-1 Houston Texans. A team boasting one of the better balanced offensive attacks in football, that’s two tough challenges for two teams with lofty expectations. I will re-visit our local gridiron teams with mid-term reports. At that milestone I’ll have a better idea on whom faking it, and who’s making it. 


Some Good Bad and Ugly in Sports

After the Miami Dolphins disgusting special team’s performance the other night, head coach, Tony Sporano whacked assistant coach John Bonamego. His clipboard and whistle was found floating in the Biscayne Bay.


Randy Moss made every receiver on the Patriots relevant. But, riddle me this…Did the Patriots win it all with him?.... Meanwhile, Brett Farce receives another new lease on his career with Moss chasing down his “Hail Mary” attempts. There's no contract extension for Moss, but Jimmy Johnson is an option in that department.

In the end…the Patriots keep stock piling draft picks. “It’s business Sonny..It’s not personal.”

If the NY Giants are going to do anything this year, they need to sneak Tiki Barber past Tom Coughlin, so he can teach Amad Bradshaw how to hold on to the football.

Some MLB Post Season Stats- 18-9, .667 W/L Pct, 3.90 ERA, .313 AVG, .383 OBP, .479 SLG Pct….these are the respective stats of New York Yankees, Andy Pettite and Derek Jeter during the money games. And I’m a Mets fan….enough said.    

Lebron James headband is expanding at the rate of his receding hairline. By next season it will be the size of a skull cap.  He’ll be able to charge for advertising on that sucker. The Big 3 of the Miami Heat lasted…3 minutes last night.  Message to NBATV…the True Miami Heat Fan base resides north of Downtown Miami.  ESPN and Lebron James are so damn close….their spooning.

The New York Mets…are again in reconstruction mode. They need to fire the Wilpons, but file that under wishful thinking.  I do agree with Jeff Wilpon’s assessment that moving forward, they need to bring in players-- with a pair of big ones. Feel me? They must be the softest team in baseball…by far.

I'm beginning to think that the good folks at New York's WFAN radio station are not color blind.



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