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It's the NFL, more games with less Hits!

After  Ray Anderson, VP of NFL football operations announced yesterday that the league will begin suspending players for dangerous and devastating hits, the sport that hardcore fans have grown to know will take on a different look come next Sunday. As a matter of fact, don't be surprised if players resort to wearing flags around their waists. Beyond that, there's two hand touch.

Let's be clear, I'm all for the safety of  players on the field. Moreover, I submit there are various defensive players roaming NFL secondaries like trained henchmen looking to whack and separate receivers from the ball and their senses, so intentional head-shots should be dealt with. However, let's not remove "Intimidation 101"completely away from the game. (See Ronnie Lott, Jack Tatum, Pat Fishcer, Gary Fencik) This is professional football, not checkers. Matt Millen an ESPN analyst, and no stranger to old school football  said, "football decisions are being made by non-football people." A statement that I totally agree with. If you have never suited up on any level, then it's hard for you to understand the physics and complexity of tackling. Furthermore, the NFL is over-reacting to the knee jerk re-action of the media. With the technology of today, and information over-load, "Hard Knock" plays of this nature are over sensationalized (see ESPN Jacked UP) and makes for good provacative programing.

Horrific collisions are an intrinsic part of the game. And in my opinion many of the concussions that occur are organic and inadvertent by nature. But in an effort to clean up the violence and justify an 18 game schedule, the NFL wants to suspend players for doing what they have been conditioned to do since "Pop Warner ball", which is to play fast and aggressively. And in fairness to the players, how do you re-condition yourself from playing this way in mid season? How do you stop on a dime to avoid a smacking a slot receiver on slant route? What is this? Matrix Football? How do you define a devastating hit? It's totally subjective, and unfortunately left to the interpretation of the officials. Much like pass interference....and we see how that's working out.

There's a darker force that's driving the league to "touch" football. It's that old mighty Dollar Bill. Let's hope that the NFL Players Union can protect the players from this hypocrisy during CBA. It's the NFL Baby, more games with less hits!


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