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Collies In The Meadow-Puppies growing up at the Meadow

As we raise each generation of the puppies we keep here it is always interesting to see them grow up.  So many similarities yet so much uniqueness also.  Our two lil guys Rutherford and Walter are a pleasure to watch as they grow.

Walter is a lot like his big brother Mick. Always happy, easy going, fun-loving and he loves everyone and everything.  He carries a lot of his mother Anya in him yet has his dad's eyes and expressions.

Rutherford on the other hand has what I call the family look and temperment.  Dark eyes, very curious, very determined, very, very smart, very physical and when he plays it is for keeps.  Fun loving, but ready to turn it up to any notch to win.  A loving guy who is also very fierce in his play and herding skills. He is a rabvble rouser, a leader and love a lot of activity.  He looks like his Grandmama's brother our Trevor. 

Interesting how two brothers from the same litter can be so different.  Interesting how one takes after his mother and the other from his father's line.  As the generations progress I see the traits defined more clearly than ever. 

What is interesting is that our lines from Trevor and Hallie trace back into our Niamh's family lines and the similarities in traits and looks are stunning.  While all collies have certain traits like herding skills and loving ppl how each line approaches these things differs with each line.  Also each line has it's own family looks and I've seen many collies out there that I asked about their pedigree and stated I believe this collie is related to ours.  Sure enough, almost everytime I call it right.  Not because I am some smart guy or something, but because I have spent countless hours getting to know our collies and recognize when I see the traits and looks.

So, Rutherford continues the looks and traits and Walter brings a new twist to our lines with Anya's happy go lucky laid back traits with his dad's face and a twist here and there of his dad's traits interspersed in to create a whole new twist to our collie family.

It is interesting that our Ginger came from Glendale from our Hallie's daughter and she came here and has all of the family traits with a new look that is the beginning of our new look for the future. 

So, raising these three babies will be interesting as I watch them evolve, grow and mature and eventually create their own puppies that will be our next generation.  To see how similar, yet how different they will be from their forebearers will be fascinating and very interesting. I know I can't wait to see it happen although it does bring a bit of sadness for as time passes their parents will also pass. 

What is cool about this blog is I can record the changes and progress and it will be interesting to see it happen and to be recorded forever and you get to see it. :)


Our Big Hallie's Son with her Grand children..... in the future they will be brought together with Trevor's descendents. 



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