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Chris Collingsworth Intoxicated with "Farve Flava Kool-Aid"

Cris-collingsworth1While watching the Green-bay Packers victory over the Minnesota Vikings last night, I was alarmed that NBC would allow Chris Collingsworth to provide color analysis intoxicated and under the hypnotic influence of Brett Farve. For two decades, fans of the NFL have heard John Madden and other Sports Media talking heads genuflect  on the legendary Gunslinger, with unabashed enthusiasms, that quite frankly borders on a multitude of "Man-Law" infractions.  So the question that begs asking is this: How much of the "Farve Flavored Kool-Aid" did Ole "Turkey Neck" consume prior to last night's broadcast? Did Collingsworth get caught up in the off field "Sexual Textual " drama? Well in my best "Scooby-Doo" to "Shaggy" my Scooby voice ...I don't know!

Listen, I like Chris Collingsworth. His critiques and evaluations on teams and players over the years for CBS, FOX, Showtime and NBC have often ruffled the feathers of many players in the league. However, that's part of Collingsworth appeal. But last night, like many of his colleagues, he may have sipped on  too many "Farve Flavored" Cocktails. That in the end, prevented him from doing his damn job sober and objectively.

Last night there were various plays in this decent game that clearly questioned Brett Farve's judgement. As a matter of fact, many of his decisions on the field were wreckless. But much to my chagrin, and I am going to assume everyone in Minnesota, Ole "Turkey Neck" failed to hold Mr. Farce(no typo) accountable for his Lambeau field indiscretions. He was quite content on blaming the Vikings skilled position players for poor route running, or quitting on many of his sandlot etched improvisations.( Ok, Moss had Allegator arms on that last Hail Mary ) Thus by the middle of the 4th Quarter, Brett Farve have single handidly managed to throw away the game.  Moreover, my opinion of Collingsworth as Color Analyst began to fade to black.  It waned much like the clock, counting down to the 2:00 minute warning. 

A bad Color Analyst often gets in the way of the game with information overload. Or, to be  more frank, by talking too damn much. But, in Ole "Turkey Neck's" case last night... he  may have sipped on too much "Farve-Aid" over the years to objectively do his job last night. A common demeanor of Peter King, Skip Bayless and countless other "Farvettes".

Chris Collingsworth has built up too much cache in the NFL to go out like he did last night. So, I am going to give him a break and file last night's performance under..."too much damn Farve in his system."  Oh what the heck.... maybe he was feeling the affects of a helmet to helmet hit?  Go figure Sports Fans!


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