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Some NFL-Good Bad and Ugly

In yesterday’s New York Giants opening act, their 31-18 victory over the Carolina Panthers at the new Meadowland's playing facility removed some of the stench that’s been lingering in the New Jersey air since last season’s final appearance flop at  the old “Giants Stadium”. Overall, the performance was not worthy of a curtain call, but the reviews and end result were favorable.

In a suspect 1sthalf, there was not enough visible evidence to convince me that the Giants addressed last season’s deficiencies during the off season. The running game was non-existent, the offensive line appeared out of sync, and the receivers were catching passes as if the pre-game meal was “Popeye's Chicken.” The defense appeared more aggressive than last year’s edition, but unable to produce important stops, especially on third downs. But what was most disconcerting was the defensive unit inability to prevent the Panthers from marching up the field and scoring before the end of the 1st half.

In the second half the, I saw glimpses of physical Giants football. Spearheaded by Brandon Jacobs, who quite frankly has been "mia” since 2008, the team utilized the run, thus opening up passing opportunities. Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks connected on three TD’s. Nicks, coming off a good rookie season appears to be headed towards the big-time. He’s that talented.

Although the offense played well, the Defensive unit appeared the most energized after the half. And after spending last season watching the incomparable C.C. Brown roam the secondary, the Giants may now  possess three of the best play making safeties in the league. Grant, Rolle and Phillips all had signature big play moments, especially Phillips. His shoe string tackle in the red zone of Jonathan Stewart was huge. As for the D-Line, Chris Canty, Mathias Kiwwaanuka, and JustinTuck made their presence felt, albeit against a somewhat confused and glazed eye Panthers QB, Matt Moore.  

It’s one game ladies and gentlemen, and after the collapse of last season, I will reserve my judgment for when the G-Men face the “tougher acts” of the league. Colts next week!

 Some Good, Bad..Ugly around the NFL

Houston Texans- Arian Foster…ran for 234 yards in victory over Colts…I guess Indianapolis won’t have to worry about going undefeated this year, and resting their players.

Michael Vick’s performance puts to rest if he can lead Eagles. Kolb was playing dazed and confused...long before the concussion.  All up to Andy Reid, don’t expect him to pull the plug…just yet.

You can break the plain of the goal line, and have the ball knock into the stands and TD stands. Yet, if you catch a pass, tap dance, roll on your butt and breakdance... and somehow loose drop the ball returning to your's not! Change that rule...right now.

I have not seen Brandon Jacobs run this hard since his contract year…… Not sure the G-Men should continue to use him in short yardage…. too big and too slow to the damn hole.

Saw some of the Redskins and Cowboys game…it was horrible. But loved the choke hold applied by Dallas Tackle, Alex Barron....Wow....There was a Roy Williams sighting!

 The games yesterday felt like many of the starters could  sure use that 4thpre-season game as a tune-up. How many drop passes did you count?

Best..Tweets yesterday….Jemele Hill, Journalist and ESPN personality- “The Detroit Lions were robbed, all the officials needed were ski masks.”  

Bomani Jones, Journalist, ESPN Personality-“Holy smokes, Joey Galloway at receiver? Who’s on the other side, Benjamin Banneker?”

Mike Lupica, Daily News Columnist- “Lupica, the Jets scalped a ticket into the playoffs (last season)

Silly Stats Category: Percentage of games won, when home team orders Domino Pizza a nite prior to game. Percentage of games won, when visiting team warms up to Madden 2010.

Nick Johnson Injury List: Bob Sanders, Aaron Ross, Kevin Boss, William Beaty, Matthew Stafford, Leaonard Weaver, Kevin Kolb....Entire City of Detroit


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