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Oakland Raiders vs. Arizona Cardinals: Winnable with Beanie in Town?

Well, news from the Cards camp has Beanie Wells practicing for Sunday's game. If he plays or not, it's an open question on if he can influence the Raiders into making simple mistakes. It is known that the Cards are having a meeting regarding their defense, it's not rocket science that the main thought is how to stop Oakland's blistering run game by Darren McFadden.

However Oakland needs to play is careful, because an injury this early on in the season could be critical, with games against Houston and San Diego in back-to-back weeks.

News is that MIchael Bush will be coming back, along with Richard Seymour. News still sounds doubtful about Robert Gallery, still on the mend from the hamstring injury in the week one loss against the Titans.

How does the season look so far?

Well, week one was not as much of a shocker as expected. Odds favored us getting lit up and if anything we can claim a small victory....we didn't get lit up for over 200 yards by CJ, likewise we did isolate one major problem....Jason Campbell's issues with throwing the ball, or hanging onto it too long and paying for foolish ball control.

The win against the Rams, came at the right time, as Tom Cable and Hue Jackson decided it was time for plan B....Bruce Gradkowski. Even a blind man could tell something was going on, from the sound of the stadium rising. The touchdown to Louis Murphy was a nice change of pace, instead of being shut down to another field goal, it was a decent win.

As for our competitors, the Broncos face off against the Colts, in which McDaniels will hope he has the West Coast version of the Patriots. The Chargers have to go face the Seahawks, who play good one week, then flop the next week. Which Chargers team will they face, the ones that won over Jacksonville, or the ones who flopped against Kansas City? Lastly is the Kansas City Chiefs game against the 49ers. Just like the last game of the season, you don't really know who you want to lose, you hate the Chiefs because they are in the AFC West, but you also hate the whiners, because of their Bay Area affiliation. If anything, you'd love to see the 49ers knock the Chiefs off of the unbeaten ranks, because with a win by Oakland and a loss by KC would put Oakland into a virtual tie for first place...something not seen in years by the Raiders. Go Raiders!


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